Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Death of Billy Akers son

I know many of you knew or served with Billy Akers (D-2968).

Many of you know the remarkable story of how he came to adopt two montagnard twin boys. Then using his SF cunning and training got them to the states. I regret to inform you that one of the boys Jimmy Franklin Akers passed away 4 Aug. 2012.

Billy and his family have incurred approximately $75,000.00 in medical bills and expenses related to Jimmies illness and passing. This has put the Akers family In severe financial difficulty. A memorial fund has been established to help assist the family.

Calvary Baptist Church
1943 Pamalee Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28301

Make checks payable to Calvary Baptist Church —in memo section put Jimmy Akers Memorial Fund.

I hope you will consider assisting a SF brother in his time of need - Stan Shank D-799

Jimmy Franklin Akers
May 22, 1966 - August 4, 2012
Jimmy and his twin brother Billy were born in Viet Nam 22 May 1966. The twins were delivered by SF medic Billy J. Akers. Their biological mother passed away a day after their birth. Their biological father, who was body guard for Sgt Akers was later killed in action. Subsequently, Sgt Akers adopted Jimmy and Billy and 18 months later they arrived in America. On June 6, 1972 they officially became American citizens. Jimmy was a life long resident of Fayetteville and still resided in the home where he grew up. He graduated from Westover High School in 1984 and enjoyed many years of work. Before experiencing a stroke in 2003, which lead to his disability. Jimmy struggled with many health problems, but always kept a positive attitude. In April 2012, jimmy was hospitalized with a infection in his legs and would later suffer a stroke that would lead to his death on August 4,2012 at 6:05 pm. Jimmy placed his faith in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior on June 6, 1981 and was baptized on July 12,1981 at Bonnie Doone Baptist Church , where he has been a member ever since. Jimmy was preceded in death by his mother, Maria Akers and is survived by his father Billy Akers and his brother William “Billy” Akers

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