Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chaplains Corner - January 2013

All of us who have been in combat realize that death could be in the next second. Everyone has some fear about dying. Some are prepared and have resolved how they will die. With all of the unexpected deaths that are occurring on our national level, people are seriously thinking about afterlife. I recently read the book “Crossing the Threshold of Eternity” by Robert L. Wise with the subtitle “What the Dying can Teach the living. I read the book while my wife shopped at the Tucson Bead and Gem Show. I was impressed with how he prepared his analysis of dying by a careful review of people who had experienced an “out of body experience with a short crossing over to eternal life.” I amazed to read that 15 million people have had such an experience. He presents four facts from studying the data and reading the accounts of their experiences.

They were:

1. Our existence doesn’t end; it only changes.

2. Heaven exists.

3. Heaven is concrete; it is not an abstraction.

4. Heaven is filled with people (page 117).

His book reinforced my already strong Christian beliefs. Now my Biblical faith is reinforced by data from 15 million people. What are your beliefs about life after death? Are you ready to die? We cannot avoid death. What will be the process of dying that you will experience?

I am 76 and am at peace with my anticipated transition to heaven and look forward to the eternal visits with my family in the perfect joy, peace, and love of being in the presence of God forever. I hope that I will meet all of you at our Special Forces Team House in Heaven. If you have any questions give me a call or see me after our monthly meeting. Chaplain John

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