Saturday, October 1, 2011

Special Forces Association Regions and Regional Representatives

The SFA has grown significantly over the years to the point where the span of control has exceeded what the six man National Board of Officers (NBO) can effectively handle without assistance. With over eighty five plus chapters worldwide, and with the NBO consisting of elected volunteers with full time jobs, a system needed to be developed to better involve the chapters in decision making, enhance the flow of communication, and help to maintain the SFA as a cohesive single entity while still maintaining chapter autonomy. Additionally, this system will better facilitate fund raising events, support to overall Chapter, Regional, and National programs, and help pave the way ahead for the SFA.

The SFA is broken down into 10 geographic regions as follows:

Region 1: Northeast: NH, NY, MA, RI, NJ, PA;
Chapters 19/42/48/54/61/64/66/67/72
Regional Representative: Denzil Drewry (Chpt 54)

Region 2: Midwest: MN, WI, MI, IL, OH, MO, KY; 11
Chapters (5TH Group) 20/27/29/37/35/38/45/55/73/82/99
Regional Representative: Jim Ringland (82) ALT: Frank Wisniewski (38)

Region 3: Mid-Atlantic: VA, DC, WV, MD;
Chapters 11/26/53/68/84/90
Regional Representative: Mr. Louis “Lou” Hoffman (11)

Region 4: Carolinas: NC, SC
Chapters; (7th, 3d, SWC, SF CMD) 1-18/6/34/57/62/100
Regional Representative: Jim Blanchard (MAL)

Region 5: Florida.
Chapters; 7/21/40/44/60/74/76/85/88/94
Regional Representative: Bob Meyer (74)

Region 6: Southeast: GA, AL, LA, MS, AR, OK
Chapters (20thGp) 30/32/33/49/50/59/79/81/92
Regional Representative: Mr. Clete Sinyard (1-18)

Region 7: Tex-Mex: TX, NM;
Chapters 9/15/31/39/41/56/77/80/93/95
Regional Representative: Mike Querner (93) ALT: Frank Graham; Burt Hernandez (93)

Region 8: Southwest: CA, NV, AZ ;
Chapters 10/12/14/22/23/51/75/78/89
Regional Representative: John Cleckner (89), ALT: Ron Thomas (5);JohnHanke (10)

Region 9: Northwest: WA, OR, HI, Pacific;
Chapters (1st Group club) 2/3/8/13/16/25/43/46/47/86
Regional Representative: Bill Gates (16)

Region 10: Mountain: MT, ID, WY, UT, CO, GE, Iraq;
Chapters (10thGp, 19thGp) 4-24/5/28/52/65/69/70/71/91
Regional Representative: Don Bennett (4-24)

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  1. Dear retired Special Forces, I am non military, have no connections. I have a low-tech idea for our guys fighting in Mosul.

    If, after reading the idea, you don't think it's idiotic, please forward to to somebody that might put it into action.

    Here is the idea: The soil in Mosul is perfect for tunneling, no water to deal with and does not require shoring up. Perfect.

    A large river runs right through the center of the battle zone.

    Large volume/low pressure pumps and 15 inch pvc pipe. Flood the tunnels with water. They are interconnected, this will deny the enemy mobility, communication and supplies.

    Two most important points:

    1) hit multiple points at once, nothing piecemeal so they cannot adjust.

    2) Be prepared for an all out suicide attack once the water starts to rise and they realize they are losing their main strategy.

    Thanks for your time, C. Jackson


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