Monday, February 8, 2010

Special Forces Chapter IX Presidents History

SFA Chapter IX is attempting to complete a history of
Chapter Presidents. If you have any information on
Chapter Presidents please contact us. This is the
list that the Chapter has so far:


2008-Current Pete Peral
2007 Greg Brown
2005 Jerry Montoya
2004-2005 Jerry Rainey
2001-2004 Jerry Montoya
2000 Reggie Salinas/Brad Guile
1995-2000 Jerry Montoya
1993-1995 ** Joe Lopez
1992-1993 Tom Connell
1990-1992 Oscar Terrazas
1988-1989 Lou Lopez
1986-1987 Joe Kerwin
1985 Raymond “Red” Knox
1984 Gus Gonzalez
1983 Robert 'Duke' Armendariz
1981-1982 Bob Silva
1980 Feliciano “Guz” Guzman
1977-1979 John (Doc) Brubaker
1977 Joe Jarimillo
1976 John McLaughlin
1974-1975 Paul “P.N.” White
1974 Edward Wagner
1973 Charles Telfair

Presidents for the below years have not yet
been identified:
1962 *

* Charter Year of Chapter 9
** Chapter reformed on 5 May 1993 after an inactive
period. Members who re-Chartered Chapter IX were:
Ike Camacho, Tom Connell, Joe Castillo, Adolfo Fernandez,
Joe Gonzales, Jose Ibarra, Joseph Kerwin, Nemorio Quiroga,
Joe Lopez, Clayton E. Weigart, David Ransone,
Hugo Clemente, Efren Renteria and Ralph Dominguez.

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  1. Sorry, can't help you guys with this one, but I would like to give you my 2 cents worth on two of your other more recent posts.

    There was the one on Haiti and the Scientology volunteer ministers and I thought it was wonderful to read in this blog how their help was appreciated by you! Thank you for telling what you have experienced.

    Another post which I found most interesting was the book review of "The only thing worth dying for". Very interesting! And it naturally made me wonder if you guys knew of "Bloody Heroes" by Damien Lewis? Judging by your post this might be a book which you should enjoy quite a lot and it would give you an idea about the British point of view on the topic.

    Last not least, here are a some tunes you might enjoy listening to, especially "Green fields of France"


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