Monday, August 20, 2012

Another SF Imposter

Meet another Valor Thief,..Douglas Arthur Buono. Doug was brought to the attention of Guardian of Valor by several people that became suspicious of him after seeing him wearing multiple tabs and badges.

Well investigating Mr. Buono, who is now out of the service, Guardian of Valor determined that Buono did serve in the Military, just not in the capacity he was parading around in.

A copy of Buono's DD214 and a FOIA request on his records revealed that he was not Special Forces nor Ranger qualified but in fact a former 31B- Military Policeman. He did not serve with USASOC in a combat zone, nor was he qualified to wear HALO JM, Master Blaster or Air Assault wings.  In fact, he also promoted himself as he left the service as an SSG/E-6 and we was wearing SFC/E-7 rank. 

To read the entire investigative reports,...maybe nbot as these losers make you sick, but if you are inclined to, go to:

The above linked article also detailed Buono's failed efforts at maintaining job after leaving the service. 

One of the best ways we can eliminate these thieves of valor,...these SF and other Special Operator imposters,...... is to expose them on the internet.  Like cockroaches they fear the light of day which is the truth in the information operations business.    

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