Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Book Review: Warrior Healers: The Untold Story of the Special Forces Medic

Len Blessing, a friend of Chapter IX, started his documentation of the SF Medic with his first book, Warrior Healers. This first book focuses on the beginning of the SF Medic program, further development, training and deployment to primarily Vietnam. Len's research led him into contact and a lasting friendship with Jerry Rainey until Jerry's death in 2007. Len so respected Jerry and he volunteered with the Jerry Rainey Scholarship reviewing applications and providing recommendations.
Warrior Healers accurately depicts Special Force Medics as highly trained, well disciplined, members of "A" teams who serve not only as Doctor's substitutes operating in dangerous remote areas performing surgeries and providing medical care where none was ever prpesent before, but also as true leaders and warriors leading combat patrols, manning fighting positions in base camps and fighting alongside the men they trained. Absolutely a must read for anyone interested in Vietnam, SF Medics in particular or Special Forces in general.