Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chaplain's Corner - November 2012

We are presently living in a growing secular society that is not hesitant to show that it is anti-God and
anti-Christian.  This is causing people to reject God’s revelation of Himself in Jesus the Christ (the
promised Messiah) and have chosen to spend eternity in Hell.

Christians believe that God who revealed Himself, His Word, and His Will in Jesus Christ, the Lord
and Savior of believers, stands ready to accept non-believers who choose to place their trust that all
that is in the Holy Bible is true and that there is a Heaven and a Hell.  The world can thank God that
the Christian faith is alive and well, and will prevail over this temporary decline in the moral values
of our country.

America has changed for the worse and many people are choosing to be separated from God and
eternally trapped in Hell because they continue in this life to reject God’s offer of salvation and the
promise of eternal life in Heaven with God as revealed and taught by Jesus Christ.  When you see the
baby Jesus and hear the Christmas carols remember that God sent Jesus to save you for eternal life
with Himself in Heaven.  I hope and pray that you choose Jesus and join your Christian SF brothers in
the SF team house in Heaven.

May God bless you with a deep spiritual understanding of Jesus this Christmas Holy Day. 

Chaplain John

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