Monday, December 14, 2009

Isaac Camacho - Chapter namesake

Isaac Camacho was a Special Forces Engineer Sergeant serving in an SF Base Camp, Hiep Hoa, SVN when the base camp was attacked and overun by the Viet Cong on 24 November 1963. Ike was subsquently captured with three other Army SF soldiers and marched over 150 kilometers to the COSVN POW Camp B-20 where he was shackled by the leg, chained to a tree, caged like a wild dog - in the triple canopy jungle. He is worked like an animal; tossed into the ‘punishment-hole’ often; routinely interrogated by a COSVN Commissioner; Interrogated by two Cuban Officials, a Chinese Official, and interviewed by an Australian Journalist, and along the way Isaac Camacho suffered from Falcipurm Malaria, Hepatitis “C”, and beri-beri, losing 50+ pounds of weight. Throughout 21 months of captivity in the open jungle Ike never lost his resolve, determination, or decidedness to escape his cage, for the purpose of living up to the Military Code of Conduct – and to ‘fight another day’ against an enemy of the United States. Isaac Camacho escaped during a driving monsoon rain - through the upper bars of his cage within 8 meters of the duty guard; evaded search by a Viet Cong patrol with dogs; making his way 50KM to the south, to a friendly US Army Special Forces A-Camp – at Minh Thanh, SVN on 13 July 1965. Chapter IX, SFA was named after Ike when it was believed he was KIA. Ike serves the community today, both the Special Forces community and the El Paso community at large with appearances at many events; talking to high schoolers about serving their country; through the Chapter's charitable events; and, through his suport of the Jerry Rainey Memorial Scholarship, named after Ike's close friend and lifelong Chapter member, Jerry Rainey, a former Special Forces medic.


  1. Good job Ike, the VC still doesn't know, where do you left :-).

  2. I hung out with Comacho in A co. 1st SFG, Oki in 1962. He was an SFC, a very good soldier, and a lot of fun, too. He rotated back to Bragg in 63 while I went South so I never got see him leave. Comacho and Dick Perkins were the best soldiers I ever met. I lost my best buddy Neil Maciver in spring of 63 KIA. And the other best buddy 65 KIA. It's all like it was yesterday


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