Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chaplain's Corner - April 2010

While I was on active duty, I stayed away from politics because the military prohibited it. Now that I am retired with more time to reflect on what is going on in my country and the world, I find myself free from restrictions and I want to become politically involved with my time, money, and actions.

You need to know that I have chosen to be an independent conservative Christian pastor. With my beliefs, I have chosen to identify with the Tea Party movement, which is independent of the control of the Democratic and Republican parties.

I believe our nation has been slipping down the slippery slope to bigger government involvement and control in our lives; slipping to increasing our unfunded liabilities that will bankrupt our nation and be passed on to our children and grandchildren to pay; slipping to a greater burden on wage earning taxpayers to pay for the entitlements for people who can work (did you know that 47% of our population are receiving entitlements and they don't pay any taxes, which means we are paying for them in many areas without our permission); slipping to growing secularism, humanism, and atheism that is becoming more acceptable; and finally, slipping to the influence of a corrupt news media that is hiding from us the real and present danger of the ideology of Islamic Jihadist fanatics who seek to kill all non-believers and destroy our Western civilization.

Our God and our nation needs people who will speak out for God's truths and principles upon which our nation was founded; needs people who will stand up and demand a return to constitutional government; and needs people will defend the poor, uneducated, and uninformed from becoming politically exploited by making them dependent on the government for entitlements. All of us have fought and defeated the enemy in foreign lands. Now its time for us to fight against enemies from within for the principles that have guided our nation for over 225 years.

It is up to each one of us to join the battle for the future of our country. We are the people who must fight right now to solve these growing problems that confront all of us and our children. We can arm ourselves by reading the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution; by listening to other sources for information that presents all sides of all issues; by looking beyond the group that claims our blind and unexamined emotional loyalty; and finally by joining a political party, organization, or movement that represents our beliefs and then work our butts off to achieve our goals.

God has given us the freedom to choose to become involved in politics for solving our nation's problems. I really believe God is angry with us for doing nothing while our country was being destroyed by both parties since 1920. We don't have the luxury of sitting on our butts and doing nothing, Our nation can't survive without our involvement now. Each of us should search our religious faith for God's gifts of wisdom and guts, and then use our God-given gifts and freedom to save our nation NOW. I will with God's help. Will you?.

Chaplain John

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