Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chaplains Corner - September 2010

Every once awhile, something comes in the mail or in an email, and it really strikes deeply. Such was the case when I read the following statement that honored the passing of a dearly loved and respected person. You can cut or copy this statement and use it for funerals when a chaplain is not available. God bless you all and the United States of America. Chaplain John Szilvasy

Dear........... (Look and speak to his/her remains)
We've come to honor you and to enjoy our memories of you, and to express our gratitude for sharing your life with us. You were a great example of the best way to live. Your generous, loving spirit was your daily gift to us. And we knew we were privileged to know someone so dear as you. You shared our highs and lows as a true friend which you were throughout the years. We know that when God calls us to our eternal home in heaven, we will be together again, enjoying the presence of God in heaven. Until that wonderful day comes we will continue; thank God for sharing you with us here on earth.

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