Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Chapter Meeting Notes - 25 June 2016

Jerry Rainey Scholarship: Greg Brown, Chair. Committee is Sam, Chuy, Pablo and Steve. More than 20 applications were received. 3 x $1000 scholarships will be presented at the 20 August 2016 Chapter Meeting.

2017 1st SF Group Reunion, El Paso: Ike Camacho – Chair. Committee is Gus, Chuy, Duke, Steve, Leo, Jerry and Bill. Date proposed are 5-10 June 2017. This will be the 3rd time we hosted the 1st Group. Ike locked in Chase Suites for $69.

2016 USASMA Reunion: Al Hobbs is Chair. El Paso is hosting the reunion at the Wyndham from 14-17 July, 2016. This is not an SFA project but many of our SGM members will participate. Late Registration is $150. Contact/E-mail the Chapter for a registration form.

11th Annual John McLaughlin Memorial Golf Tournament: Chair is Al Hobbs. Location is the Underwood Golf Course and Tournament date is Saturday 10 September 2016. Committee so far is Gus, Ike, Leo. 1st Golf Meeting was held this past Saturday, 16 July.

SFA 2016 National Convention, Jacksonville, Florida: Held 12-19 June, Hyatt Regency. Attendees: Pete and Trini Peral, Brian Kanof, Bill Snider, Bill & Linda Lewis, Randy and CC Fogel, Walt Wilczak, Leonard and Arlette Pope, Tony Beltran and Dede Dominguez, Gary Baura, Joe “China Boy” Lopez, Jerry Campos and Catherine from Visit El Paso.

2018 SFA Convention – El Paso: Chair, Brian Kanof; Committee Bill, China Boy and Joe Kerwin Junior. Brian and Catherine of Visit El Paso. Pete made the pitch for the 2018 Convention and we received the bid. The best date for the City seems to be between 11-17 June, 2018 . . . we may cut the days down to 5 or 6 from 7 in the past. SFA 80 will assist. Brian plans to reach out to some other military and Veteran groups for assistance. Last month’s Chapter 9 meeting was moved to the 4th Saturday so we could discuss the bid. Brian and Pete fielded questions, but we need to get the committees organized. Brian will give us a meeting plan, but he asked the members to start seeking $5K sponsorships now.

Return to Devens Reunion: SFA 9 Member Gary Baura is running a 10th SF return to Fort Devens from 5-10 October, 2016 . . . just in time for the foliage tour. Email was sent out. Contact Gary at

3rdAnnual Joshua Mills Competition –Fort Bliss: SF Recruiters have set the date for 8-9 September 2016. Details will come later.

Massing of the Colors: Tom M mentioned that we need a Chapter Flag for events like this. Committee is looking into options –T om, Jerry, Pablo and Hugo.

Christmas Food Drive: Tom Melgares, Chair. Dates and details coming soon. Committee is Pablo, Sam, Greg, Chuy and Al.

Korean War 66th Anniversary: Roy Aldridge and several Members attended, 25 June at the Fort Bliss Cemetery. The event honored all the veterans who paid the “final price” in the Korean War.

Ed and Blanca Trout Toast: Member Ed Trout and his wife Blanca had a 14th Anniversary Toast on Saturday 9 July 2016. They are getting married again in Maui, Hawaii later this month. Ike and Gracie, and Bill attended. It was fairly short fuse so full invitations were not sent out.

Message from the Chapter President:

Welcome to one HOT week here in El Paso. I think this has been the hottest we’ve been in a while. Oh well it is the desert. Anyway, we have some items coming up that need to addressed. First is the scholarship. I want to thank the scholarship committee; Greg Brown, Sam Morgan, Chuy Zamora, Pablo Sanchez and Steve Franzoni. They reviewed over 20 application (the most we’ve ever had) and had to cut it down to just three. At the August meeting we’ll present the scholarships to the recipients and as it stands, BG Kurt Crytzer will present the awards. BG Crytzer is the Commander of JTF-N here in El Paso and is one of us.

Next in the door is the golf tournament. Flyers are attached to the e-mail and we’ll have some FLYERS at the meeting this Saturday. WE WILL HOLD A GOLF MEETING THIS SATURDAY AT 1100. We have less than two month before the tournament and to my knowledge we old have one person paid (me) and one hole sponsor. WE NEED TO GET HOT ON THIS. I know some don’t like to ask folks for anything and that’s fine but support the chapter. A $100 hole sponsor for a family member, IMO someone, a business or any other reason will help. If $100 is too much purchase beer or a bottle/s of alcohol for door prizes. If you do venture out ask for prizes. Anything will help. Prizes that always go over well are tools, alcohol, day spa passes, gift certificates golf items etc.

As always, thank you for your support and continued friendship.

De Oppresso Liber!

Pete Peral

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