Friday, June 24, 2016

Chapter Meeting Notes - 21 May 2016

SFA 2016 National Convention, Jacksonville, Florida: Held 12-19 June, Hyatt Regency. Attendees: Pete and Trini Peral, Brian Kanof, Bill Snider, Bill & Linda Lewis, Randy and CC Fogel, Walt Wilczak, Leonard and Arlette Pope, Tony Beltran and Dede Dominguez, Gary Baura, Joe “China Boy” Lopez, Jerry Campos and Catherine from Visit El Paso. Past Member Tommy Harveston was the only attendee from the Las Vegas Chapter so he decided to hang with SFA 9.

Jerry Rainey Scholarship: Greg Brown, Chair. Committee is Sam, Chuy and Steve. Deadline to apply is 30 June. 24 Credits and 3.0 GPA is required. 3 x $1000 scholarships will be presented at the August SFA 9 Meeting. Applications are on the Chapter 9 website or email

2017 1st SFG Group Reunion, El Paso: Ike Camacho is the Chairman. Committee members are Gus, Chuy, Duke, Steve, Leo, Jerry and Bill. Dates will be last week in May or 1st week of June 2017. This will be the 3rd time we hosted the 1st Group Reunion. Ike will meet with “Visit El Paso” soon.

2016 USASMA Reunion: Al Hobbs is Chair. El Paso is hosting the reunion at the Wyndham from 14 to 17 July, 2016. Not an SFA project but many of our SGM members will participate. Registration is $125.

SFA 9 Team House: We are working on the survey of the property for a 100 year lease by VFW 812 and the future home of Chapter 9. In the interim the Chapter spent $35K to remodel the back porch of the VFW converting it into an SF room where we can display our memorabilia.

11th Annual John McLaughlin Memorial Golf Tournament: Chairman is Al Hobbs. The Tournament will be at the Underwood Golf Course on 10 September 2016. Committee members so far are Gus, Ike, Leo. The 1st Golf Tournament coordination meeting will be at 11 am on 25 June.

R and R Center FT Bliss: PTSD Soldiers still meet with Chuy every Monday from 1100 hrs to 1600 hrs in Bldg. 48 at FT Bliss. Chapter donates $200 each month for arts & crafts. Donations are welcome!

Isaac Camacho Head Start School: 125 students in the school. Supplies that you wish to donate please bring them to the meetings. Chapter donates up to $100 per month, as needs arise.

Chapter IX Shirts, Coins, Mugs and Blazers: More Shirts, Polo’s, mugs and coins are available. Coins are $10 each. SF Golf balls are $2.00 each and the new Chapter 9 white dress shirts for $25.00. Ties are available at $25. Blazers = Call 727-442-8400 or Go to this website and order: Hunter Green or email ryeazell@cwuinc.usor from $110-$180. We have a few sizes on hand for purchase. See Quartermaster, Jerry Campos.

Soldier Mentors Program: Mentors program is in progress with the El Paso Courts system for soldiers who have no violent offenses for 8-12 months. See Tom Brady.

Billy Waugh’s book “Isaac Camacho, an American Hero” is still available go here order.

Chaplain John Szilvasy Interview: His Library of Congress interview copies are available on CD for $6 donation to Fort Bliss Red Cross.

Viet Nam Memorial, El Paso: China Boy is continuing to raise funds for maintenance. Laser Engraved Bricks are for sale - $100 – up to 4 lines.

Chapter Historian: Jerry Campos Historian, Committee member Bill Snider. If you have historic information, pictures or memorabilia, please get it to the committee. Working on a book.

Stay in Step Spinal Cord Injuries: Chapter member Alberto Gonzalez, who recently moved to San Antonio, is supporting an effort by CW3 Camargo (7th SF Retired) to raise funds for Spinal Cord Injuries. Go here to donate.   

SFA Outdoor Website: SFA has a store where 20% of the profits go to national and 2% comes back to the chapter. You can find the store at

DROPs Magazine is now Online:

Embroidery on your shirts: If you want to have your name and Member number added to your shirts, one contact is: Dawn Maniates at Commercial Screen Printing, Inc. (915) 541-1133; 900 Magoffin Street, El Paso, Texas.

Engraving of your SF Coin: You should have your coin engraved with your name. One location is in the lobby of the PX. Cost = $8-$12 in 24 hrs. Fiesta Keys. 915/731-4854.

State and National Parks Pass: Passes are free to vets with 60% disability. Apply for state at McKelligon Canyon and for National pass go to Chamizal.

President's Message:

Well it’s official, we will host the 2018 SFA Convention here in El Paso. Now we need to get hot. At the general membership meeting where it was voted to give us the 2018 convention there was great feedback from the membership and everyone was very positive and thankful that we are hosting the event. I asked for a show of hands for those who were actually stationed here at Bliss and over 60% of the membership raised their hands so we should have a great showing.

Brian Kanoff is the chair person and will need a number of assistants to make this happen. We’ll need transportation, hospitality, banquet, and events chairpersons as a minimum so please step up to the plate and volunteer for one of these positions. It will be the heaviest lifts that Chapter 9 has had to date but I know we can do it. I want to thank those chapter 9 members who attended the convention and to all who have, and will support this endeavor.

Pete Peral

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