Friday, October 16, 2015

Chapter Meeting Notes - 19 September 2015

1st Group Reunion: 1st Special Forces Group Reunion is scheduled for El Paso in 2017. This will be the 3rd time Chapter 9 has hosted it. Ike Camacho –Chair. We will assemble the committee very soon.

20th Annual Jerry Montoya/Ralph Dominguez Food Drive: Chair is Tom Melgares; Committee: Chuy, Steve, Leo, Pablo, Alberto. 16 DEC –Pack Boxes. Tom is working toward having the El Paso JR ROTC to support the Christmas Food drive. There are 8 High Schools who could participate.

SFA 9 Elections: Nominations will be in October. If you are interested in running for office, get someone to nominate you. Installation will be at the Christmas Party.

Viet Nam Memorial: El Paso Viet Nam Veterans Memorial to be erected at the flag pole. They are raising 50K for the memorial. Chapter donated $1400 towards the monument.

Christmas Party: Chair is Steve Franzoni. Scheduled for 19 December at VFW 812. See Steve if you want to be on the committee.

USASMA Class 66: VFW 812 hosted a welcome party 19 SEP at 1400. Most of the Chapter meeting attendees stayed for the party. Pam (John) Swan through United Veterans Home Loans donated $2500.

2015 Elite Tactical Challenge: Tommy Buchino (SF SGM ret), owner and operator of Covenant Special Projects - Tactical Ranch, again hosted the challenge at his range again. A separate article will be posted soon on this unique tactical firearms challenge. SFA 9 Member Tony Beltran came in from Oregon to compete. The Chapter was a bronze sponsor for this event contributing $1,000 which supported Task Force Dagger Foundation.

SFA National Convention 2018 – El Paso: Exploratory Committee Chair, Brian Kanof; members Bill, China Boy and Joe Kerwin Jr. Brian received AAR’s from several previous conventions and we are researching the possibility of hosting the convention. We will reach out to SFA 80 to assist.

USASMA Reunion 2016: Al Hobbs –Chair. El Paso is hosting the reunion 14-17 July, 2016. Not an SFA project but many of our SGM members will participate. More to follow.

Annual Transfer to Jerry Rainey Scholarship: Tom requested the annual transfer from McLaughlin Golf Tournament profits of at least 10%. Chapter voted to transfer $3000.

Wreaths Across America: Debbie Torres, wife of Chapter member Rolando Torres (SF CSM, ret) is the Chair for Wreaths Across America in her capacityy as Secretary of the local Civil Air Patrol. We expect her to attend a meeting soon to give us the details for this annual December event. We will pay for all SF and SFA 9 Members who are interred in the Fort Bliss Cemetery.

Veteran’s Gala: This annual event is in November. Tom Melgares suggested we get a table for SF and nominate someone to be honored.

SF Blazers: Pete discussed the blazer order and announced that according to a chapter vote years ago, the Chapter will only pay for blazers for those SF guys who retired in El Paso from Active or Reserve. Everybody else needs to order their own since we got stuck with 2 blazers in the past that never got picked up or paid for. Veteran’s Day: China Boy announced that the City of El Paso recently authorized the day off for city and county employees as a holiday. Veterans Day this year is We3dnesday 11 November 2015.

Chapter President's Message:

As winter approaches, we start our transition not only to pants, coats and heaters but also the food drive, wreaths across America and the Christmas party. We also are at a transition point for officers. I want to thank you all for allowing me the privilege of being the President for the last 8 years. October will be nomination and I’ll have a decision as to if I’ll run again or not by the meeting. Our VP Steve Franzoni is leaning forward in the foxhole ready to take the reins should I decide not to run and he’s Fully Mission Capable of doing a great job and will have 100% of my support. We will definitely need a new Treasurer for the next two years. Tom stepped up to the plate when Joe passed and has done a good job but his professional life does not allow him the freedom to do the job that he wants to do. Please consider this position. You will need some good computer and organizational skill but it’s not a heavy lift. Think about it.

Steve Franzoni has the Christmas party locked down so what we need to concentrate on is the food drive. Talk to schools, ROTC programs, co-workers, businesses etc. and try to get free or reduced prices on non-perishable goods. We’ve put together 50-80 boxes every year for the last 19 years for families less fortunate and this needs to continue. Beat the streets men.


Pete Peral
SFA Chapter IX, President

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