Thursday, July 17, 2014

Chapter Meeting Notes - 21 June 2014

Attendees at SFA Meeting, 21 July 2014. 

Tom Brady is currently serving as the acting Treasurer.

Alan Shumate: Is retiring in North Carolina as a full COL.

MAJ Chester Garrett Dining Facility Dedication: Steve thanked everybody for their support. SF Chapter 9 is very prominent on the plaque we erected and will be viewed by everybody who enters the facility, for eons.

Member Tony Beltran marched in the Bataan event: Pledges were made of $7 each by members for the 14 mile (half march) is $7 – we are mailing Tony a check for the Wounded Warriors.

Teamhouse Committee: Chairman = Steve Franzoni; Committee = Gus, Brian, Chuck, Tom, Tony and Chuy; the committee is listing requirements for the 2800 sq ft steel building (2 bath, office & kitchen).

Chapter IX Shirts, Coins, Mugs and Blazers: Shirts, mugs and coins are available. Coins are $10 each. Click on the Chapter Store link, it looks like the picture at right, on the upper left hand side of the website.

SF Blazers: Anyone needing a blazer go to this website and order: Hunter Green from $110-$180. We have a 36R and a 38R blazer on hand for purchase.

R and R Center Fort Bliss: PTSD Soldiers still meet with Chuy every Monday from 1100 hrs to 1600 hrs in Bldg. 48 at Fort Bliss. Chapter donates $200 each month for arts & crafts. Chuy announced the graduation of 28 students on 28 June. He sold a handmade walking stick for $60 for more supplies.

Isaac Camacho Head Start School: 125 students in the school. Supplies that you wish to donate please bring them to the meetings. Chapter donates up to $100 per month, as needs arise.

Soldier Mentors Program: Mentors program is in progress with the El Paso Courts system for Soldiers who have no violent offenses for 8-12 months. See Tom Brady.

Jerry Rainey Scholarship: Sam Morgan, Chair. Committee Gus, Don, Chuy and Ike is alternate. Application window is closed. We have 5 applicants for the 2 scholarships. Committee will select them soon. Then we will present 2 x $1000 scholarships, in August. Jerry Rainey passed away in March 2007. We had the first scholarship in August that same year, so this will be the 8th year of the scholarship.

9th Annual CSM(R) John McLaughlin Memorial Golf Tournament: Scheduled for Saturday 13 September 2014 at the Fort Bliss Golf Course. Ike Camacho and Gus Gonzalez Co-Chairmen. Ike says, “Sell Sponsorships” – every member is asked to sell 1 sponsorship! We are going to have a German meal this year. Flier is being updated and will be available at the July meeting. (Note: AUSA Wounded Warriors had their tournament scheduled at the same time, but Al got them to change theirs until 10 October.)

Billy Waugh’s book “Isaac Camacho, an American Hero” is available here.

Ted Lamb: Donated $100 to Jerry Rainey Scholarship.

VFW 812 Golf Tournament: Al thanked the Chapter for the 5K donation . . . they raised 17K.

AUSA golf tournament has changed to 10 October.

Mexico Paratrooper Reunion: China Boy will attend in July – if anybody else is interested, see China Boy.

Member Biographies: Bill made a pitch again requesting members fill out a bio. We never got one from Raul Ramos before he passed and all we really knew was he served with the 77th . . . and that came from national!

President's Message:

Two individuals have been chosen for the 8th annual Jerry P. Rainy scholarship. Thanks to Sam Morgan and his committee for the hard work needed to make sure these are given to individuals who will perpetuate Jerry’s memory. We will have the scholarship awards most likely after our August 16th general meeting but we’ll discus and lock down the date/time at our July meeting. July will be the “get after it” date for our golf tournament. We’ve pretty much perfected the event so we are getting more and more laid back in our sponsorship recruiting but let’s not get too complacent. Sponsorships are what make the event successful for Chapter 9. The team recruitment, set-up, and operations of the event have never been a problem but we break even with that part of the event. The sponsorships make us the funds to do the great things that we do. I challenge every member to get at least one $100 hole sponsor. We’ve gone 21st century with an online registration for the players, teams and sponsors so push that with the tech-savvy folks.

Last is the passing of Raul Ramos. A few were able to attend the services and even though I didn’t know him personally, his eulogy showed what kind of man he was. He will be missed. God bless him and his family.

His services brought up another issue that we’ve talked about but have not actioned YET. That is a “Class-B” uniform for the chapter. I sent out an email to some of our member as a study group on what would work for a Class-B uniform and what I got back is a short sleeve white dress shirt with the SFA logo on it and our chapter name above. I’ve asked a local company to make me a demo shirt that should be ready for the next meeting. A vote will be made and orders taken. I understand some cannot wear short sleeves so a long sleeve shirt will be available.

See you next Saturday
De Oppresso Liber! Pete Peral

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