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Chapter Meeting Notes - 15 March 2014

This meeting was conducted prior to the passing of long time Chapter member and current Treasurer Joe Ibarra. The chapter has several other members, both local and long distance, who are dealing with health or hospitalization problems. We won't publish their names on an open site for OPSEC reasons, but the collective Chapter's thoughts and best wishes go out to these individuals and their families.

Guests and New Members: New Members this month: Alberto Gonzalez, William Lewis, Walter Wilczak; Roy McIntosh. Kiki Armendariz was given Honorary Membership.

Bataan Death March: The 25th Annual memorial march was held at White Sands on Sunday, 23 March 2014. We hosted 10 wounded warriors from the DC area and 10 West Point Cadets. We held pre and post dinners and more than 20 of our members assisted the death March or the guests. SFA 80 appreciated our help with Water Point 7. Member Tony Beltran marched again: He was in town from Oregon solicited sponsorships at the March meeting. 50 cents per mile for the 14 mile half march is $7. He will donate the proceeds to Wounded Warriors in the name of SFA 9. Ike's son works for US Foods and the Chapter donated $100 to them their assistance on the march.  Pictured, L to R:  Steve Franzoni, Pablo Sanchez (standing), Gracie Camacho, Leo Enriquez (standing); Ike Camacho (looking comfortable); unidentified SFA Chapter 80 member (standing), and Monica Franzoni (squatting holding Steve's lunch).   

Border Patrol Special Operations Group LE Equipment and Technology Expo: Will be held on 29 (noon set-up) and 30 April (0600-1600) with a golf outing on the 29th at Butterfield, 0800 shot gun start; $55 per player. See Steve to help with the Expo set up.  Web site for the Expo.

SF Room at VFW: Chairman = Steve Franzoni; Teamhouse Committee = Gus, Brian, Chuck, Tom, Tony and Chuy, the committee are hard at work trying to get a survey for the property and listing requirements for the 2800 sq ft steel building (2 bath, office & kitchen).

Chapter IX Shirts, Coins, Mugs and Blazers: Shirts, mugs and coins are available. Coins are $10 each. Anyone needing a blazer needs to talk to Pete. We currently have a 36R and a 38R blazer on hand for purchase. We are also selling golf balls for $2.00 each and the new Chapter 9 shirts for $25.00. Ties are also available at $25.

Relaxation and Recreation Center on Fort Bliss: PTSD Soldiers still meet with Chuy every Monday from 1100 hrs to 1600 hrs in Bldg. 48 at Fort Bliss. Chapter donates $200 each month for arts & crafts.

Isaac Camacho Head Start School: 125 students in the school. Any school supplies that you wish to donate please bring them to the meetings. Chapter donates up to $100 per month, as needs arise.

Soldier Mentors Program: Mentor program is in progress with the El Paso Courts system for Soldiers who have no violent offenses for 8-12 months. See Tom Brady.

Chapter Historian: Jerry Campos Historian, Committee Bill Snider and Fidencio Gonzalez. If you have historic information for SFA 9, please get it to Jerry.

Billy Waugh’s book “Isaac Camacho, an American Hero” is still available: Website

DROP Magazine is Online: All members can access it at:

SFA Chapter sign at the end of the road: Tabled, we need to decide the Team House status first.

San Antonio SFA 15 Annual Jack Houge Picnic: To be held at the Fort Sam Houston Recreation Area, Canyon Lake, Texas, May 16 thru 18, 2014. Chairman, Bob Hand 210-336-1102 or SFA 15 has reserved 30 trailers so far, but can obtain additional trailers if needed. The cost of the trailer is $85.00 a night or $170.00 for the weekend. Contact Bob ASAP if you want to attend. If you want me to send you the itinerary, just ask.

9th Annual CSM(R) John McLaughlin Memorial Golf Tournament: Scheduled for Saturday 13 September 2014 at the Fort Bliss Golf Course. Ike Camacho and Gus Gonzales Co-Chairmen. Ike said, “Sell Sponsorships”!

Jerry Rainey Scholarship: Sam Morgan, Chair. Nothing to report, but it will be in August again. Jerry passed away in March 2007. We had the first scholarship in August that same year, so this will be the 8th year we have honored Jerry in this way.

Pack 58 Blue and Gold: VP Steve attended and received the Charter for another year.

VFW 812 Golf Tournament: Al Hobbs, Chairman, moved to sponsor the VFW for $5,000. Passed 15-11. Proceeds will go to Troop Parties.

Special Olympics Dance: Chapter 9 sponsored the Saint Patrick’s Party for 35 Special Olympians and their family with decorations dinner and a dance.

B/1/5th SFG(A): Short notice mid-week support request – Chapter spent $150 for quick dinner we cooked for them at McGregor Range. Chapter decided we need a small committee for short notice events (Hot Team). Al and Sam volunteered.

Chapter President's Message:

VFW Post 812 elections were held on March 1st and Al Hobbs was elected as the new Commander for the 2014-2015 term. Thanks to everyone from Chapter 9 who were able to come out and vote. The Post is looking for a new Quartermaster. This is a heavy lift but if you are interested in the position, contact Al.

We are at max capacity for the SOG expo so the turnout should be great. Steve Franzoni is the Chairman for this and he will need all the help that he can get. Right after the expo is the VFW golf tournament scheduled for May 17 and they need your help too. Not just teams but sponsors, door prizes and getting the word out. We get a couple of month’s break then we need to get started on our golf tournament in September. Not too long after that we’ll be looking at what to do for the SF Christmas party….and it’s just April, too funny if you ask me. I believe Chapter 9 has one of the busiest OPTEMPO’s in all SFA and you all make it happen. Keep all of our sick member in your prayers.

As you read in the Sick Call section, brother Ibarra has made his final jump and is in the hands of God now. He has been the Chapter Treasurer for the last 20+ years and has seen the good with the bad. He always put his best foot forward when it came to not only the Chapter but in every aspect of his life. He will be missed but he is in a better place, rest in peace brother, until me meet again.

De Oppresso Liber!


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