Thursday, February 13, 2014

Chapter Meeting Notes - 18 January 2014

Budget:  Chapter is healthy. Jerry Rainey Scholarship fund has $14,000. Nate Nathanson mailed $1,000 for the scholarship. Dues are now PAST due for 2014 (Late renewal is $35 total). Life membership is still a good deal at $430. It is $280 for members over age 65. New Member dues = $40. We spent $1,229 on the Food Drive (90 boxes) and $2,304 on the Christmas Party.

SF Room at VFW: Chairman is Steve Franzoni; Teamhouse Committee - Gus, Brian, Chuck, Tom, Tony and Chuy, the committee is hard at work trying to get a survey for the property and listing requirements for the structure.

Border Patrol Special Operations Group Law Enforcement Technology and Equipment Expo.  Will be held 29-30 April. SFA 9 will run it again this year. Events - 29 April 2014 is the Golf Outing at Butterfield. $55 per player.  See Steve Franzoni to help with booth set up. We need volunteers again.

Cell Phones: Motion was made to charge a round of drinks if a member’s cell phone rings during the meeting. Passed.

Jerry Rainey Scholarship: Sam Morgan volunteered to be Chairman for this project.

SOF K9 Memorial: VP Steve met with SGM (RET) Chuck Yerry (a chapter member who headed the fund raising efforts for the memorial and our chapter supported) for dinner in Fayetteville. “After dinner we went to the Special Operations Museum and Chuck showed us the SOF K9 Memorial. They have name stones for all the dogs lost in action to include the Interagency and Foreign SOF.”  See picture at top right of Chuck Yerry and the memorial he worked so hard to establish.

82nd News: Benavidez-Patterson All Airborne Chapter Chairman Lee Walker. Chapter meets the 4th Saturday’s, lunch at 1300 and meeting at 1400. Chapter bar is open every Friday and Saturday from 1500 until whenever.

VFW Post 812 News: 812 Commander Ramon “Moose” Saiz. 1st Sunday of every month is a fish fry from 1100-1400. Bar is open every evening. Moose is selling WWII shirts for $15. Al Hobbs is running for Commander since Moose is retiring.

Chapter President's Message:

It seems that the years are flying by now. We just held the SOG Expo and golf tournament and we are starting to plan for this year’s events. Ike and COL Gus are chairing the golf tournament and Sam Morgan volunteered to chair the scholarship. The scholarship is time intensive for the committee members but not a heavy lift for our members. The golf tournament and Expo on the other hand are HEAVY lifts so we need max participation. The Expo will be 29-30 April and Steve Franzoni is chairing that. We don’t really need a full blown committee for the Expo but we will need a lot of help on both days. The set-up will be the same as last year with help needed on the 29th around 1200 setting up and all day on the 30th. Please mark your calendar for those two days.

Ike and Gus are working on the dates for the golf tournament and as soon as that is confirmed we will get the flyers out for sponsorships. This is a member intensive event and I would challenge every member to get at least one hole sponsor. Lastly I want to update you on Trini’s daughter-in-law. She had a baby girl on the 8th and Trini was able to be there for the birth. That being said, she will not be cooking for the meeting BUT Martha and Tencha with the VFW’s Ladies Aux will pick up the slack, thank you ladies.

De Oppresso Liber!
Pete Peral

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