Saturday, May 4, 2013

Carry The Load Veterans Charity

We received this from Nathan Merithew, a former Marine and now Director of Business Development for 5.11 Tactical:

We are reaching out in a grass roots manner to our LE brothers and sisters and asking to help spread the word about the upcoming Carry the Load™ “Who Are You Carrying” in support of Veteran’s Charities for this Memorial Day.

Some of us at 5.11 Tactical are participating in these events to give back those who have given so much, and to equally honor and remember the same.

As part of Team CK (Chris Kyle), I will be participating in the CTL Dallas event on 26 May 2013. I have made this part of my already 5.11 Tactical Sponsored I Am Never Quit Mission™ events series, and have pledged to raise $1000 for the charities of this event.

I am part of Team CK because Chris was a personal friend and co-worker at Craft International, but I will be “Carrying” in the memory of a severely wounded Iraq War Veteran who recently passed away on 26 December 2012 named Sgt. Ty Ziegel (USMC).

In true Never Quit fashion, I will be carrying a load of 100lbs total over the course of the entire 20hrs (because people donate for blood, sweat, and tears).

Thank you for any support you can offer for our military veterans in donating or sharing the word this Memorial Day.

My “Carry the Load” page.  

SFA IX note:  Donations can be made through Nathan's Carry The Load page.

Stay safe.
Semper Fi
Nathan Merithew

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