Sunday, March 10, 2013

First "A" team in Vietnam

Sent to one of our Chapter members via the SF e-mail net.  Some of you will be shocked that 55 years has passed since the first "A" team landed in the Republic of Vietnam.  Note the wearing of Garrison caps - called something else in that era which WILL NOT be written here.  Although the wearing of Green Berets was pretty common back then, it took a few more years to become more mainstream. 

55 years ago - June 25, 1957 - the first US Special Forces "A Team" deploys to Vietnam. "Team 3-A" departs from Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii on a long to Nha Trang, with intermediate stops at Wake Island, Haneda (Tokyo), Clark Field (P.I.), and Saigon.

Captain Harry G. Cramer is the commander, MSG Francis J. Ruddy is the team sergeant. The team includes SP2 Earl Kalani, MSG Fred Williamson, MSG Ray LaBombard, SFC Chalmers Archer, SFC Bobby Newman, and SSG Lester Ruper. In Japan they are joined by SFC James Hanks and SFC Jack Standing, and by CPT Byrl Taylor who will serve as liaison officer to MAAG headquarters in Saigon.

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