Thursday, August 25, 2011

2011 Winners of the Jerry P. Rainey Memorial Scholarship

On Saturday 20 August, Special Forces Association Chapter IX was pleased to award two $500 scholarships to very deserving individuals. From Left to Right Below: Steve Franzoni, Scholarship Committee; Omar Gutierrez, Scholarship Recipient; COL(P)Doyle, Commander of William Beaumont Army Medical Center and Scholarship Presenter; Bridget Tokode,Scholarship Recipient;Greg Brown,Scholarship Committee; and, Leo Enriquez, Scholarship Committee.

The Chapter is very pleased with the caliber of winners since the scholarship inception until now. In fact, the following conversation took place on e-mail just to articulate one winner's character:

To Greg Brown, Scholarship Committee:

"Sir, I was surprise to have seen $500.00 check instead of $250.00. Pls sir, let me know if it is mistake so as to return the check or the change. Once again, thanks, I felt honored and motivated. God bless you, the family and the organization. Thanks, Bridget."

To Bridget(Scholarship Recipient):
"Bridget, It is not a mistake. We advertise $250, but if we have enough money we give $500. We had enough money this year to do that. You are welcome. I felt it was also my privilege to meet you and your husband. I enjoyed sitting and talking with you. Good luck with your schooling. Sincerely, Greg"

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