Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chapter Meeting Notes - 15 January 2011

Al Hobbs announced that 2011 is the Official Viet Name Welcome Home year.

Bill Snider, aka "Don Rickles the Pickle Salesman" was selected as State CSM of the NM State Guard.

John Szilvasy mentioned the DOD approved heart disease as a CRSC approved ailment, provided Agent Orange is determined as the cause.

SFA 9 Teamhouse Project: Pete Peral brought the subject off the table. Said Segura-McDonald is now for sale and with our current fundraising, we should be able to make a deal on the property and own the facility outright.

SOF is escalating in the Fort Bliss area and they are building a large complex for SF. The 20th SF is in town currently with a BN.

Tommy Harveston, from USASMA Class 56 is also here for the next few months with 3/1 SF BN. With all the growth and activity here, we will need a facility like this.

6th Annual John McLaughlin Memorial Golf Tournament: Al and Ike were appointed as co-chair for the project.

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