Thursday, January 6, 2011

Battle of the Chosin Reservoir - Korean War

North Korea 1950 - 1st Marine Division - Chosin Reservoir: After having forced the invading North Korean forces out of South Korea, the 1st Marine Division was merciless attacked by invading Chinese Forces. Forced to withdrawal 65 miles to the south in -40 degree blowing snow, a trip that took many days, they were repeatedly attacked. This is their story as told in a ballad written by Frank G. Gross, USMC Chosin Reservoir survivor.

"Last Stand of Fox Company" is a recent book to describe the action on the West side of the reservoir. Incredible story of courage - both the defending Marines and the relief expedition - in the most brutal subfreezing weather. Colonel Chesty Puller said - "Retreat? Hell! We're just advancing in another direction". This was the old school.

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