Saturday, July 22, 2017

Chapter President's granddaughter fighting for her life

SFA Chapter President Pete Peral and his wife Trini's 3 year old granddaughter Adiela (or Lela as she is called by her friends and family) is currently in the hospital in Dallas after a diagnosis—hepatoblastoma. Cancer of the liver.

The type of cancer Lela has is aggressive and rare. It has already spread into both of her little lungs. On July 18, Adiela underwent a liver biopsy and had a port put in her chest to start chemotherapy the following day. This nightmare is just beginning for this young family.

As many of us know, cancer can be unforgiving and ultimately heartbreaking. Especially unfair for a child. This family needs to be raised up in prayers and in thought. Just the thought of losing a child especially after going through excruciating pain is beyond heart breaking.

This precious angel is going to need a miracle. This family has a lot of faith in God and understands that the time we have with loved ones is on borrowed time. Faith is what is holding this family together. Faith in the Lord that He may have mercy on Adiela and that she suffers as little as possible. I ask you to help in any way you can. This sweet family would appreciate any help toward the cost of this diagnosis.

If you can help with any donation, not matter how small, please visit this Go Fund site "Adiela's Angels". Thank you for any consideration and prayers.

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