Friday, August 31, 2018

2018 Jerry Rainey Scholarship Winners

On 18 August 2018 Chapter IX, the Isaac Camcho Chapter, awarded three $1000 scholarship to three deserving college students. Valeria Ramirez, Diego Lopez, and Carisma Ortega (pictured at right) each were presented a check by Carol Rainey, widow of Jerry Rainey who the scholarship is named after. The development of a scholarship to honor long time Chapter IX member Jerry Rainey, also a Korean War and Vietnam War veteran, is fitting as Jerry will always be remembered as a giving person - money out of his pocket, advice from his wife ranging experience and last by not least his generous (and often) renditions of Frank Sinatra songs.

Photo at left is Carol Rainey (Jerry's widow) and Greg Brown (Scholarship Chairman) and one of the scholarship winners. The idea for a scholarship was hatched when a story about Jerry chatting up a waitress who told him she was working to save money for college tuition and books, and Jerry wrote her a check on the spot. When Jerry was but days away from passing, he greeted each visitor (and their was a ton of them) with the words "Hey buddy, good to see you,..can I do anything for you today?" - and he meant it.

The words "he will be missed" is heard quite often. In Jerry's case, - he will always be missed....each and every day.

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