Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Delta Force commando killed in Syria

The U.S. soldier killed in Syria Friday was taking part in a mission to capture or kill an ISIS leader, U.S. military official confirmed Monday. “Coalition forces, in an advise, assist and accompany capacity with our partners, were conducting a mission to kill or capture a known ISIS member when they were struck by an improvised explosive device,” said Col. Ryan Dillon, a spokesman for the U.S. lead anti-ISIS collation. “This operation was part of the Coalition's mission to defeat ISIS, and we remain focused on our mission.”

Master Sgt. Jonathan Dunbar was assigned to Headquarters, U.S. Special Operations Command, which is the designation often used for the Army’s secretive Delta Force. The Pentagon described Dunbar as a “team member,” who had deployed three times in support of combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The force going after the ISIS leader also included British commandos. Sgt. Matt Tonroe, a British soldier who served in the 3rd Battalion of the elite Parachute Regiment, was also killed in the explosion.

Article from the Washington Examiner

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