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Chapter Meeting Notes_20 May 2017

2017 1st Group Reunion, El Paso: Ike Camacho – Chair. Committee – Gus, Chuy, Duke, Steve, Leo, Ricky, Benjie and Bill. Dates were 5-10 June 2017 and has been concluded by the posting of this Chapter Newsletter. Convention was by all accounts a huge success. Stats will be reported at the June meeting and in next month’s newsletter. CSM Tony Labrec, the current 1st SFG(A) CSM attended and made a presentation to the attendees. Picture at Left, L to R standing - Joe Lee, Ike Camacho, Tom Melgares. Seated L to R - Steve and Monica Franzoni, Martha and Gus Gonzales.   

2017 SFA National Convention, Fayetteville, NC: Fourteen (14) SFA Chapter 9 members and spouses attended, also concluded by the time this newsletter is posted. Billy Waugh is the Keynote Speaker and SGM Randy Krueger had his planned retirement during the middle of the Convention. Chapter reps made the presentation for the 2018 SFA National Convention/Conference that we are hosting.

Jerry Rainey Scholarship: Greg Brown is Chairman. 36 Scholarship applications were distributed and 10 packets were received for review and selection which is on-going at the time of this newsletter being posted. Presentations of 3 x $1000 scholarships will be made at the August Meeting.

John McLaughlin Annual Memorial Golf Tournament: Scheduled at Fort Bliss Underwood Golf Course for 9 September. Committee members are Gus, Al, Ike and Leo. Most of the teams are already signed up. Tournament Committee Meetings will be announced - likely by email. In August, we will meet every week. Sign sponsorships now!

2018 SFA Convention – El Paso: Chair is Brian Kanof; Co-Chair Bill Snider. Dates are set for 12-17 June, 2018. Convention Theme is “Mexican American Green Berets”. It will be a 5-night conference with events beginning on Wednesday. SFA 80 and the 82nd Airborne chapter will assist. Brian has asked the members to seek sponsorships. Committee is meeting before the general meetings at 1130 from July forward. All committee Sub-Chairmen have been selected – A roster was emailed to all on the roster. HQ Hotel is the Camino Real but they are doing a makeover and wil be re-named “Hotel Paso Del Norte”. Registration is set at $150 early (By 1 March 2018) and $165 late – sign-up has already began will begin through the website:

SF Room at the VFW: Chair is Tom Brady, Committee members are Leo, Brian, Chuck and Al. Plaques and contents have been put up. Chapter will decide deceased Member plaque format soon.

US Border Patrol SOG Law Enforcement Equipment and Technology Expo: Our major fundraiser was held on 2-4 May, 2017. Vote to put 10% of annual Expo profits into Rainey Scholarship – passed. Counter Insurgency Writing Contest - USASMA: Greg Brown announced the contest. Named after COL “Splash” Frances J. Kelly. His 5th Parachute jump was a water jump – thus the nickname. He served as Commander of the 1st Group. Tom M. announced that a book is being donated for us to raffle. More info to follow.

Parkland High School JROTC: Phil presented a plaque for their continued support in our Christmas Food Drive. See photo at right.

SFA Blazers: Jake announced that the Florida Blazer company is not selling green blazers. National sent us a different vendor, and they are pretty fast. You need to log on $79-$119. You need to order the pocket patch from National – listed in the DROP.

Snail Mail Roster: Jesse Rodriguez volunteered to call the snail mail folks each time we have a short fuse event.

Historian/Quartermaster Expenses: Jerry made a pitch for up to $200 monthly expenses, as needed, for binders and photography costs – vote passed. He will provide receipts. He also wants a locker for the Shirts and paraphernalia. Final Expenses Planning: Bill attended a seminar for final expenses and funeral planning. He and John discussed the importance of preparations and we will try to organize a seminar for the military organizations in the area. All we need is to guarantee 10 attendees – a meal is provided. More info later.

Announcements for the Good of the Order: VFW 812 Auxiliary - Bill Snider joined the group this month, likely looking for dates,.....this is a step up from Snider trolling for transvestites in downtown El Paso on Friday nights.

Native American MOH: Chuy announced that El Paso Community College is doing a monument for all recipients.

Current SFA Chapter IX Officers:  L to R:  Bill Snider, Secretary; Pete Peral, President; Steve Franzoni, Vice-President; Tom Melgares, Treasure; John Szilvasy, Chaplain. 

Chapter President's Message:

Well the 2017 SFA convention kicked off this past Monday (12th) and we already have 14 people registered for the 2018 El Paso SFA convention. I want to thank Brian and all of the Chapter 9 members who are attending convention and kicking off the 2018 convention. It looks to be a great event. The USASMA graduation is on June 23 but I don’t have all the details for those that are able to attend. Chapter 9 is presenting a check to the winner of the COL Kelly Counter Insurgency Writing award. We’ll meet COL Kelly’s family for a grip and grin on the 23rd at 1800 at the VFW. I know some of you served with COL Kelly so I’m sure the family is looking forward to hearing some stories.

The Registration for 2018 SFA Convention that Chapter IX will host is up and running. See

Lastly, the golf tournament is September 9th so please look for sponsors.

Pete Peral
President SFA Chapter IX

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