Friday, March 17, 2017

Chapter Meeting Notes_ 18 February 2017

SFA Membership: Life membership is still a good deal at $440 (current Member) $475 (Not current). It is $320 for members age 65 and over. Annual renewal is $40, New Member dues are $50. Reinstatement is $45 for Annual Members who did not pay in January are now late.

2017 1st Group Reunion, El Paso: Ike Camacho – Chair. Committee – Gus, Chuy, Duke, Steve, Leo, Jerry and Bill. Dates are 5-10 June 2017. This will be the 3rd time we hosted the 1st Group. The Chase Suites has rooms for $69, registration is $120 until 15 May, then it will be $140 (Hospitality Room only $50). Banquet will be at the Marriott. Billy Waugh will attend. Committee meets 2nd Saturday’s at noon at the VFW.

2017 SFA National Convention, Fayetteville, NC: The HQ Hotel rooms are already filled. The Holiday Inn across the street seems to be the best bet. Many of the 2018 Committee will attend to promote our convention.

2018 SFA Convention – El Paso: Chair, Brian Kanof; Committee Bill, China Boy, Roy, Steve, Joe Kerwin JR, Catherine from the city and lots more. Dates are set for 12-17 June, 2018. Convention Theme is “Mexican American Green Beret’s”. It will be a 5-night conference with events beginning on Wednesday. SFA 80 and the 82nd Airborne chapter will assist. Brian asked the members to start seeking $5K sponsorships now. Committee is meeting before the general meetings at 12 noon. All committee Sub-Chairmen will be selected by March meeting. Honorary Members and Associate Members may be Sub Chairs and Assistant’s, volunteer now. The Camino Real Hotel is doing a makeover (to be re-named Paso Del Norte Hotel) and will be finished about the time of the reunion. We are looking at that as a HQ Hotel.

SF Room at the VFW: Chair Tom Brady, Committee Leo, Brian, Chuck and Al. Plaques and contents will be decided by the committee.

Announcements for the Good of the Order: Tom Melgares presented certificates for those members who wee key to the success for the food drive.

John McLaughlin Memorial Golf Tournament: Scheduled at Fort Bliss for 9 September. Committee members are Gus, Al, Ike, Leo.

US Border Patrol SOG Expo: Our major fundraiser is scheduled for 2-4 May, 2017 (Dinner at VFW 2nd 1800; Expo 3rd; Range Day 4th).

Pack 58 Pinewood Derby Track: Pack 58 sent a request for SFA 9 to buy them a new track for $1700. Chapter voted to authorize $500 but directed Bill and Steve to find out more information. A meeting with the Cubmaster determined that the old track, which SFA 9 purchased about 6 years ago, just needs repairs. He will get back to us with the repair quotes.

Bataan Death March – Waterpoint 7,  19 March, White Sands:  SFA 80 needs us to assist with workers from 0900-1500, at Mile Marker 17 on HWY 70. After the event Mike Burleson will host a stand down party at his house, 8936 Lisa Lane, Las Cruces NM. SFA 9 Member Tony Beltran should be in town to participate in the trek as he always does. USASMA SF students are competing in the Military Heavy category. Chapter 9 is sponsoring their team and paying the $680 entry and shirt fee.

Jerry Rainey Scholarship: Greg Brown is Chairman again. Applications are being accepted – need transcripts thru current semester – Mid June deadline; policy was updated at the meeting. The Chapter voted to put 10% of SOG Expo profits into Jerry Rainey Scholarship fund.

VFW Elections: Pete Peral is running for Commander. Elections are April.

Chapter member Sam Morgan is running again for City Representative of District 4 whicvh is Northeast El Paso where a larger percentage of active dity and retired militarty live. Sam requests support from the Chapter. His website is where you can donate, view volunteer information or find voting information.
President's Message:
Guys, sweet and short. We have a BUNCH of STUFF going on. Support as much as you can.
Pete Peral, President SFA Chapter IX  

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