Friday, January 20, 2017

Chapter Meeting Notes December 2016

SFA Dues Increase: Dues have increased slightly for 2017. Life membership is still a good deal at $440 (current Member) $475 (Not current). It is $320 for members age 65 and over. Annual renewal = $40, New Member dues = $50. Reinstatement = $45. National sent us the current roster showing who is due.

Christmas Food Drive: Tom Melgares served as the Chair with Committee members, Pablo, Steve, Sam, Greg, Chuy and Al. 82 boxes were requested and Chuy did a great job on getting the hams for this year and we hooked up with the EPVRA Food Drive to obtain additional food items. We are preparing certificates for the major contributors.

2017 1st Group Reunion, El Paso: Ike Camacho is the Chair. Committee members are Gus, Chuy, Duke, Steve, Leo, Jerry & Bill. Dates are 5-10 June 2017. This will be the 3rd time we hosted the 1st Group. The Chase Suites has rooms for $69, registration is $120 until 15 May, then it will be $140 (Hospitality Room only $50). Banquet will be at the Marriott. Billy Waugh will attend. There is a two page ad placed in the Drop for this Reunion.

2018 SFA Conference – El Paso: Chair is Brian Kanof with Committee members Bill, China Boy, Roy, Steve, Joe Kerwin Jr and Catherine from the City. Dates are set for 12-17 June, 2018. It will be a 5-night conference with events beginning on Wednesday. SFA 80 and the 82nd Airborne chapter will assist. Brian plans to reach out to some other military and Veteran groups for assistance. Brian asked the members to start seeking $5K sponsorships now. Committee is meeting before the general meetings at 12 noon. All committee Sub-Chairmen will be selected by March meeting. Honorary Members and Associate Members may be Sub Chairs and Assistant’s, volunteer now! The Camino Real Hotel is doing a makeover (to be re-named Paso Del Norte Hotel) and will be finished about the time of the reunion. We are looking at that as a HQ Hotel.

Chapter Flag: Tom Melgares is the Chair with Committee members Jerry, Pablo and Hugo. Committee is still looking for options.

Public Address System: We are looking at quotes to purchase a system.

Wreaths Across America: Debbie Torres of the local Civil Air Patrol Chapter and wife of SFA Chapter IX member Rolando, served as the Chair. Steve & Monica, Tom M, Leo and Wayne placed the 35 wreaths that we paid for - all SF and prior SFA 9 Members and spouses who are interred, as usual.

Chapter Member Photos:

SF Room at the VFW: Chair Tom Brady, Committee members are Leo, Brian, Chuck and Al. Plaques and contents will be decided by the committee.

2017 SFA National Convention, Fayetteville, NC: Pete says the HQ Hotel rooms are already filled, so the Holiday Inn across the street seems to be the best bet. Go to this link for more information. Don't be worked up whether it is called a Convention or Conference. Everyone is using those terms interchangeably.

John McLaughlin Memorial Golf Tournament: Scheduled at Fort Bliss for 9 September. Committee will form soon.

US Border Patrol Special Operation Group (USBP-SOG) Law Enforcement Equipment and Technology Expo, aka the SOG Expo: The SOG Expo, our major fundraiser, is scheduled for 3-4 May, 2017. Go to this link for more information:

Pack 58 Pinewood Derby Track: Pack 58 sent a request for SFA 9 to buy them a new track for $1700. Chapter voted to authorize $500 but directed Bill and Steve to find out more information. A meeting with the Cubmaster determined that the old track, which SFA 9 purchased about 6 years ago, just needs repairs. He will get back to us with the repair quotes.

Ceremony Procedures for Deceased Members: Chaplain John mentioned that all members need to tell their families that they wish to have “Tap the coffin” and any other Chapter procedures they want in the event of their death. This tradition is performed after the graveside services where the Chapter members line up and file past the coffin one by one, pausing to salute then tap the coffin three times.

Freezer for VFW: Al wanted to thank the members for helping with the new freezer delivery on the night of the Food Drive. Sun Bowl Flag: Bill was in charge of the Sun Bowl Giant US Flag ceremony at the beginning of the game on 30 December. There were several Chapter Members among the 120 Veterans who carried the flag.

Chapter President's Message:

Welcome to 2017!! We have a busy 2 years ahead of us. We have the SOG Expo in May, 1st Group reunion in June, National convention also in June where we have to lock down the events, cost and processes for the 2018 convention, and the golf tournament in September. All will require a ton of support but all will make Chapter 9 healthier and better prepared for the 2018 National SFA convention (or conference depending on what we call it). We have to have a 90% solution by June of 2017 to brief at the National convention and we can’t do it without your support.

As mentioned above, we will be meeting at 1200 before every schedule Chapter 9 meeting for the general members that want to attend. We will need to meet more often with the Chairperson/co-chairperson and any committee members but we’ll hash that out with Brian later. Again as Bill mentioned, we need to lock down the events, location, cost, and other misc. items to make the event run smooth. By the February meeting we will have all of the committee’s that we’ll need leaders for and I hope we get the Chapter 9 member support to pull this off.

Pete Peral, President SFA Chapter IX

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