Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Chaplains Corner - November 2016

“Trust me – I’m still in control”

I sure am glad the voting for president is over. I felt some relief after I had voted, but it was a short relief. It seems that every day was like riding a Yoyo – being played by persons I didn’t respect too highly. Trusting my loving Holy Father in Heaven, I went to Him in prayer and I thanked my Him for the peace of His presence and placed my frustrations and fears in His care. I felt a gentle peaceful renewal of my faith, and during my time with God in prayer, He gave me the following comforting words. He told me to continue to trust Him, because He is still in control of everything in His creation.

I felt my frustrations and fears slip away and I felt calm and loved by my God, as I did as He told me, everything turned out as I had hoped would be God’s Will for me and the USA. I am at peace with God and His plan for me, the USA, and His Church, and the world. My hope in this article is that when you feel you are in a similar situation as I was, you would remember the comforting words God gave me to move forward with my life.

“Trust me – I’m still in control”

Love You All;
Chaplain John

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