Thursday, May 26, 2016

Chapter Meeting Notes - 16 April 2016

Border Patrol Special Operations Group LE Equipment and Technology Expo: Was held 19-21 April and again a resounding success largely to range day held at Tom Buchino's Tactical Ranch facility east of El Paso. There a total of were 105 participating vendors.

Picture at right is Al Hobbs (L) VFW812 Commander and Ike Camacho (R) Chapter Namesake.

SFA 2016 National Convention, Jacksonville, Florida: Dates 12-19 June, hosting lodging is the Hyatt Regency Riverfront.

2017 1st Group Reunion, El Paso: Ike Camacho – Chair. Committee – Gus, Chuy, Duke, Steve, Leo, Jerry and Bill. Dates will be last week in May or 1st week of June 2017. This will be the 3rd time we hosted the 1st Group. Ike will meet with “Visit El Paso” soon.

2016 USASMA Reunion: Al Hobbs – Chair. El Paso is hosting the reunion at the Wyndham from 14-17 July, 2016. Not an SFA project but many of our SGM members will participate. Registration is $125.

SFA 9 Team House: We are working on the survey of the property of VFW Post 812 and the future home of Chapter 9. Temporary fix is that the Chapter voted to spend $35,000 to remodel the back porch of the VFW converting it into an SF room where we can display our memorabilia.

2018 SFA Convention – El Paso: Chair, Brian Kanof; Committee Bill, China Boy and Joe Kerwin JR. Brian and Catherine of Visit El Paso will attend the Convention in June to help Pete make the bid. National is excited that we finally want to host. SFA 80 will assist. “Visit El Paso” is “all in” to support this project. The best date for the City seems to be 11-17 June, 2018.

Jerry Rainey Scholarship: Greg Brown, Chair. Committee members are Sam, Chuy and Steve. Deadline to apply is 16 June. 24 Credits and 3.0 GPA is required. 3 x $1000 scholarships will be presented at the August SFA 9 Meeting. Applications are available on this website or through the 'Contact the Chapter' tab or through e-mail to to

11th Annual John McLaughlin Memorial Golf Tournament: Chair = Al Hobbs. Underwood Golf Course 10 September. Committee so far = Gus, Ike, Leo.

Return to Devens Reunion: SFA 9 Member Gary Baura is running a 10th SF return to Fort Devens from 5-10 October, 2016 . . . just in time for the foliage tour. Contact Gary at

3rd Annual Joshua Mills Competition – Fort Bliss: SF Recruiters have set the date for 8-9 September. Details will come later.

10th SF and Engineer Troop Party: SFA 9 hosted more than 200 members of the 10th SF and the Engineer unit at the VFW on Sunday, 17 April at 6 pm. Rob Flournoy is the CSM and he was active with Chapter 9 while attending USASMA. It was a late evening.

SFA Raffle Tickets: Bill announced that we need to sell or buy the tickets national mailed. He ordered extra books for the Honorary Members to sell. Stubs and money is due at the May meeting.

Meeting Note: Sam Morgan, who is somewhere between frugal and stingy, had to buy a round of drinks as his phone range during the meeting.

Picture below: Steve Franzoni, Chapter Vice-President explaining plans to make the VFW restrooms more gender neutral.

Chapter President's Message:

Welcome to May. Is seems like yesterday that we were all dancing at the Christmas party. Time flys when you get old. Well we are commited to making the pitch for the 2018 SFA National Convention. The committee has been meeting with the Visit El Paso team and we’ll have a pitch to present at the convention.

Like we discussed, this will be one of the heavest lifts that this Chapter has had but we can do it. Our plans are to pitch that El Paso has a lot to offer and that our goal is to make it as cost effective as possible by getting events that conventionns normally charge for free. We have three (3) weeks before the convention and I would like to hold meetings every week prior. I would also like as many chapter members to join in with ideas. As a minamum we need to have the committee members there Chair, Brian Kanof; Committee Bill, China Boy and Joe Kerwin JR. I would suggest a Tuesday –Thursday in the evening. The next event will be our golf tournament on September 10th. It’s never to early to get started on that. More to follow!

Pete Peral,
President SFA Chapter IX

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