Friday, April 22, 2016

Chaplain's Corner March 2016 - Consequences of Freely Chosen Decisions

God created us with the freedom to make decisions for ourselves in all areas of life. We can use our freedom to choose to have a personal relationship with God or not. When we choose to live without a relationship with God, we must create a god of our own to determine right from wrong in our daily living. There are consequences to the decisions we make with our freedom to choose to determine who is the God we are choosing to be our personal God.

The Holy Bible tells us that to live without the one God who revealed Himself in Jesus, we are rejecting God and living in sin and will suffer eternal separation from God. Christians choose to accept as their God the God who revealed Himself fully in Jesus of Nazareth as stated in their Holy Bible. To know God, you must look to Jesus in the New Testament of the Holy Bible to know what God offers and expects from you. You will find that God wants to have a personal loving relationship with you that is based solely on faith in Jesus Christ who said he is the only way, the truth, and the life to know God. He offers you His forgiveness for the sins that you committed while you were rejecting Him and a relationship with Him that is based on faith in Jesus Christ to determine right from wrong in your life.

Once you confess your faith in Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord, you have an eternal relationship with God and you receive God’s promise of eternal life with Him in heaven. Where will you spend eternity is your freely chosen decision to make here on earth?

Love you all….Chaplain John

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