Wednesday, October 21, 2015

2015 Elite Tactical Challenge

Retired SF SGM Tom Buchino, owner operator of Covenant Special Projects - Tactical Ranch, a firm specializing in tactical training for military and law enforcement units, hosted the second annual Elite Tactical Challenge (ETC) in support of The Task Force Dagger Foundation.

Tom Buchino is a genius when it comes to providing tactical instruction and designing training and events. The ETC was no exception as it is a unique shooting competition that started with an obstacle course and required physical tasks over a two mile plus long course incorporating long gun and handgun shooting stages. An example would be shooting through car windows at target 375 yards away, or engaging three targets at varied distances with your long gun then transitioning to your handgun and engaging closer targets.

This year's ETC also incorporated shooting 40mm Training Practice cartridges from an M-203 and included the T-R ETC trademark event - shooting ground targets from a OH-6 Little Bird helicopter in flight.

Scoring was all based on time. The fastest time won. Teams incurred time penalties for misses and no-go's on tasks such as foreign weapons re-assembly and determining magnetic compass azimuths along the physical demanding course.

At the end of the day, Buchino was able to more than double this year's donation to The Task Force Dagger Foundation, handing TFD Foundation Mananging Director Keith David a check for $10,000 which will go to assisting US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) service members and their families.

The Task Force Dagger Foundation is a very lean and agile organization that responds quickly to SOF service members and familes in distress. If you are a federal employee and donate to charities through the Combined Federal Campaign, please consider The TFD Foundation - their Charity Code is 49942. Or you can go to their website to donate, or, you can mail a check to this address: Task Force Dagger Foundation 5900 S. Lake Forest Dr., Suite 200 McKinney, TX 75070

The winners of this year's ETC cemented the U.S. Border Patrol's reputation as the teams to beat, as the first four placing teams were Border Patrol teams. This year's first place team won Glock handguns engraved by Fire For Effect with the T-R and TFD logos. The second place team received Trijicon scopes and the third place team received Tactical Tailor gear and $200 individual gift certificates from Sportsman's Elite.

Tactical Ranch 2015 ELITE TACTICAL CHALLENGE Team Standings

1: US Border Patrol Tucson Sector Tactical Unit Team Charlie
2: US Border Patrol El Paso Sector Ysleta Station Team Honor First
3: US Border Patrol Special Operations Group - BORTAC Team One
4: US Border Patrol Tucson Sector Tactical Unit Team Alpha
5: Las Cruces PD SWAT “JC”
6: Just a Group of Guys
7: US Border Patrol SOG BORTAC 2
8: Lethal Express
9: El Paso PD SWAT
10: Mean Green 10
11: El Paso PD SWAT 2
12: Las Cruces PD SWAT “D”
13: Team Elite
14: Nine Inch Males
15: US Marshals
16: Fort Bliss SRT
17: Carlsbad, NM PD SWAT
18: Pecos County, NM SWAT
19: Los Viejos
20: US Border Patrol Ysleta Station, El Paso Sector
21: Team Mismatches
22: Holloman AFB SRT
23: Soul Stealers

For more Elite Tactical Challenge Photos, visit this link through the Tactical Ranch website.

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