Thursday, July 16, 2015

Chapter Meeting Notes - 20 June 2015

Jerry Rainey Scholarship – 9th year: Committee Chuy, Gus, Steve, Don and Sam Morgan as Chair. Chapter will present 3 x $1000 scholarships at our August meeting. Committee is reviewing applicants now.

10th Annual CSM(R) John McLaughlin Golf Tournament. Co-Chair Al Hobbs and Ike Camacho: Committee Steve, Tom Brady & Gus. Tournament will be held Saturday, 29 August at Fort Bliss. Team sign-up forms and sponsor letters are available. Every member is asked to try to sell at least one hole sponsorship. Kiki is working to get the beer donated.

1st Group Reunion: 1st Group wants to hold their 2017 Reunion in El Paso. This will be the 3rd time we hosted. Ike is making coordination and attended the 2015 reunion in Alexandria, VA.

SFA Convention, Portland, OR. Was held 4 to 16 June 2015. The Chapter was well represented with 7 members and 3 spouses attended (see photo above).

SFA 9 Food Drive: Chair, Naipo Robertson. Tom Melgares is checking with El Paso JR ROTC to support the SFA 9 Christmas Food drive. There are 8 High Schools who could participate.

SFA 9 Elections: Nominations will be in October. If you are interested in running for office, get someone to nominate you.

MSG Alberto Gonzalez Retirement: Was held 10 July at JTF North followed by a party at VFW 812. MSG Gonzalez's current plans are to move to South Texas and plans to start a new SFA Chapter. The picture of Al is NOT how he showed up for his retirement!

Viet Nam Memorial: El Paso Viet Nam Veterans Memorial to be erected at the flag pole. They are raising 50K for the memorial. Chapter voted to donate $1400 towards the monument.

From the Chapter President:

Greetings, July is upon us and we have seven weeks until the golf tournament. Now’s the time that we need to start organizing. We need an inside and outside manager, hole watchers, cart drivers, back-up runners etc. We are looking at meeting on 10 July at 1800 at the VFW to go over some of these details. If you want to volunteer for any of the jobs, please attend.

Remember Fridays is “Fun Food Friday” so you can get chow for $5.00 and that’s a great deal. For those who can’t support on the day of the golf tournament please try and get a hole sponsor. If you absolutely have no friends to ask or you never leave your house to shop or eat out then you should have a mattress full of money so buy a hole sponsor!!

August is our scholarship presentation and I believe the three finalist have been selected. At present we have the Commanding General of JTF-N as the guest speaker and as always, Ms. Carol Rainey and family will be there, not to mention a great meal after the presentation. God Bless and hope to see you on the 18th.

De Oppresso Liber!

Pete Peral,
President SFA Chapter 9

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