Monday, March 3, 2014

85 Year Old WWII Sniper Veteran Has Not Lost His Skills

This article from ought to warm the heart of SFA Chapter IX members since half of them are 90 years old.

This is epic. An 85-year old World War Two veteran sniper from Missouri who fought in the Battle of the Bulge was given a chance by the US Army to show off the skills he learned during the war. He showed everyone he’s still got it. Watch the video below.

From the Guardian: Before he could get his hands on the modern day equipment, the Army presented him with a 1903 A4 replica sniper – the same he used in the war and had not seen since 1944. Despite a 66-year gap without using the gun, he had no ease picking off a target at 300 yards, with all three shots hitting the target. It was then that the officers taught him how the Army’s custom made Remington 700 works and explained how a 1,000 yard shot can be achieved. It involves a second sniper, called a spotter, judging the wind direction and any other conditions that could affect the bullet’s trajectory. Mr. Gundy, who lives in Memphis, Missouri, said before the shot: ‘I couldn’t even dream in a thousand years how you would even see the target, yet alone hit it. "I hope that I can hit the target but if I was betting money I’d bet nine to one that I don’t. That’s a long, long way."

But his modesty was greater than his skills and he managed with ease to pick off the target, with three impressive head shots all within five inches of each other. He said afterwards: "I couldn’t believe I could have hit anything that far away."

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