Monday, January 27, 2014

12th Special Forces Group Re-Union, 24-27 April 2014

Our 10th Annual Reunion is rapidly approaching. Hotel rooms will be available at a rate of $81.08 (includes tax) at Pine Spring Best Western, Ruidoso , New Mexico from April 24 through April 27. The Hotel will be accepting reservations for the “12th Special Forces” Reunion at that rate until April 22. If you want a ground floor room inside the courtyard - be sure you request it when you make your reservation. Hotel reservation number is (575) 378-8100.

This year our Company Dinner on Saturday night will again have two entrées to choose from; however this year each entrée has a different price than the other. These prices also includes tax; Our beef entrée is a Rib-eye steak for $28.00. Our non-beef entrée will be Stuffed Pork Loin stuffed with dried fruits (grape, peach, crayson and apricot, topped with a fruit reduction and candied pecans) for $23.00. You MUST report your entrée selection to me as early as possible to allow Dream Catcher time to order in the appropriate quantities of each entrée meat. Even if you don’t send me your registration and meal money at the time, I need your entrée selection no later than March 15.

Our tenth reunion is a milestone for us and as such we are striving to make it memorable. In that regard, each registrant will receive a limited edition 10th Reunion T-Shirt. To help defray the cost of the T-shirt and the rental of the meeting room, there will be a $12.00 registration fee this year. Your T-shirt size and registration fee is due to me by March 15. Your meal payment is due to me no later than April 7, along with your entrée selection. At least notify me of your T-shirt size by snail mail, e-mail or phone no later than MARCH 15 and for you meal selection no later than APRIL 7.

Again we are going to the firing range, as has become our tradition. Friday afternoon everyone is encouraged to bring all their toys that go bang and all the ammo you want to or can afford to burn up for fun. Saturday will again see a pistol and a rifle competition. A shooter may compete in either or both events and may win one of three prizes in either or both competitions. One lucky shooter will win the “Top Gunner” prize. That shooter must compete in both competitions, but need not win both. The Top Gunner will be the one shooter with the highest combined numeric score of both competitions. However, the top gunner will not receive either the rifle or pistol prizes for those individual competitions. There is a $5.00 per shooter per day range fee.

ATTENTION LADIES! Regardless whether you are a shooter or not, you are invited to join the men on the range (at least on Friday). Try your hand with a pistol, a rifle or both. There should be adequate ammunition for you to have a little fun. If you don’t shoot, there will be plenty of expertise to help you learn the basics of handling a rifle or a pistol and supervise you putting a few rounds down range. Come out Friday and join the fun.

Saturday’s Company Dinner should be enjoyable and delicious (as always). We’ll still have fun with the door prizes, we’ll award range prizes, and announce the winners of the silent auction. This year we will add a tribute to Fallen SF Warriors, especially from our own ranks. Since it is our 10th and a milestone for our reunion, Saturday night’s dinner will have somewhat of a dress code. General attire is still casual. However, Everyone is asked to wear their 10th Reunion T-Shirt and for those who qualify…wear your Beret!

NO LATER THAN MARCH 15, send your registration fee ($12.00), your entrée selection and payment (Steak $28.00 or Pork $23.00) and your T-Shirt size to me at 1601 E. Cardwell St, Brownfield , TX 79316 . Make your check payable to me. I will deposit it and write one check to the T-Shirt supplier and one check to the Caterer.

Although late comers (not previously registered) may not be able to join us for the dinner due to insufficient for unexpected attendees; You are still welcomed and we’d be thrilled to have you join us. Even if you can’t join us in Ruidoso, but would still like to get a 10th Reunion T-Shirt, you can order one until March 15. Just be sure to let me know your T-Shirt size before March 15, even if you haven’t gotten me the money yet. The T-Shirt I have to ship out will cost $15.00 to help cover postage. Be sure I have the postal service address you want your shirt(s) mailed to. There is no plan for a second order, so this is very likely your only opportunity to order a 10th Reunion T-Shirt.

Hope to see everyone in Ruidoso in April!!

Gary Cook, CSM(R

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