Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Staticline Parachuting - The Hung Jumper

Many dangers in military static line parachuting. From a chute not opening; to landing in deep and/or swift water; to landing in trees or powerlines,.....but the "hung" jumper is in a class all by it's own. Being suspended from an aircraft in flight with your static line or parachute webbing wrapped around or hooked onto something,.....well, it just gives people goose bumps to consider it.

The procedure used to be for the hung jumper to cover his reserve parachute handlle with one hand and place the other hand on top of his helmet signaling that he was conscious then the jump master would cut the static line and allow the jumper to momentarily be in free fall before he activated his reserve.

Now you have a video to what a hung jumper is for your children or grandchildren.

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