Saturday, July 13, 2013

HALO Reunion at Fort Bragg


In 1968-69 ODA 10 1/10th SFG (Bad Tolz Germany ) conducted the first ever Group run HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) program in Spain . (Frank Norbury Sr. was Team Sergeant) Several of the students and Instructors went on to be part of the HALO combat jumps made into SE Asia . The team also conducted HALO MTTs in Greece and Spain . They set several records for HALO jumps while on these missions.

We are having a reunion for all those involved on 05 October 2013 at the Oktoberfest held by the SF Chapter at Bragg at the National Chapter's Club house. Many of the old HALO legends will be present to include Joe Kittinger (World Record High Altitude Jump) and Bob Walters (British SAS team who crossed the English Channel on HAHO) (HAHO - High Altitude High Opening), South East Asia combat HALO jump participants, Thailand HALO training cadre, ancient (haha) HALO instructors like Pete Morkon and lots of other folks from that era.

The party is open to the public and all are invited to come relive and/or learn about those days of old bold SF guys who were blazing the trail for the rest of us to follow. Grab your log books and and your cameras and come see all the guys again.

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