Friday, November 30, 2012

SFA HQ Message, re: Special Forces 60th Anniversary Book

Special Forces Association Chapters received this request from SFA Headquarters:

Gentlemen, please pass on to your members ASAP.

I have seen questions about the 60th Anniversary Book on several forums. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK.

The firm that published it, FX Marketing, took the input from us, then stiffed the SFA.

They originally were to provide the books to the June 2012 SFA Convention in Fayetteville, they did not; they were to pay the SFA $10,000 on 30 June 2012, they did not; they were to provide SFA with 10,000 copies for us to give to members and to sell for needed revenue, they did not; They are to pay the SFA $20,000 NLT 31 Dec 2012, they have said they will not, and, in fact, refuse all attempts at communications with the SFA.

The Board is now getting ready to contact all the advertisers, thanking them for attempting to provide us funds, but to warn them not to try to deduct as Charitable Contributions, as the monies were all kept by FX Marketing, and not forwarded to SFA, so could not be considered Charitable Donations.

In addition, legal action is on the horizon If anyone knows any of the Advertisers please contact them and inform them of the situation.

Thanks for all your assistance.
For the Regiment Anything, Anytime, Anywhere
Jack Tobin
Special Forces Association

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  1. NavELite is one of the Advertisers. I am the CEO and a life member D-8596. This is very concerning to me. As a startup, we are extremely careful about where we put advertising dollars and this was an expensive one. We were hoping to reach the SF Base with news of what we consider a great piece of kit using old technology. I would appreciate any additional facts anyone can provide in reference to this mess. I plan to raise the issue with the FX sales team that sold us the space. Thanks.
    Andy Wilson


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