Monday, July 9, 2012

Chapter Meeting Notes - 16 June 2012

The Chapter had a large contingent at Fort Bragg for the 60th Anniversary of SF: President Pete Peral and Trini; Secretary Bill Snider; Ike Camacho and Grace; Joe “China Boy” Lopez and sons Marco and Diego; Jerry Montoya and Peggy, and Jerriann and PJ Smith; Ramon “Moose” Saiz and Virgie; Rick Smith and Linda and Fredrick and Michaela Stephens; Gary Baura and Elizabeth; Alan Shumate; Tommy Harveston; Randy Fogel and CC; Chris Lewis and Mikey, Mikey’s dad and mom Ken and Pat Steen; and Charlie Gray (re-organizing member in 1979) who received the Silver Philip Neri award at the dinner. Ken and Pat hosted a dinner for all SFA 9 attendees.

7th Annual CSM(R) John McLaughlin Memorial Golf Tournament: Chairman Greg Brown. We have 5 team openings left and are still looking for sponsors and auction items for the golf tournament. The next meeting will be conducted before the before the July SFA 9 meeting at 1200 hrs. Tournament is scheduled for Saturday, 8 September at the Fort Bliss Underwood Golf Course. 

Jerry Rainey Scholarship: Chairman Greg Brown. He has assembled a 5 person committee. Chapter will make 2 x $500 awards. Application deadline was 30 June. Presentations will be at the August meeting.

Man in Black Tequila: Chapter member Bryan Kanoff and Kinky Friedmann has started a company and is selling the tequila. There will be amenities for the membership once he figures out how to donate booze.

Wounded Warrior Raffle: Pete is selling tickets for SFCA 46. Raffle in September.

SOF K9 Dog Memorial statue fund briefing on this Fort Bragg project presented by guest SGM Chuck Yerry. They need $20,000. Motion to give $1,000 toward the statue fund is seconded and passed.

Chapter Chaplain John Szilvasy and his Wife Linda hosted a dinner aprty for their 50th Anniversary.  In attendance was Chapter couples that John had married including:  Pete and Trini Peral; Steve and Monica Franzoni; Bill and Haydee Snider; Brad and Susan Guile.

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