Friday, June 22, 2012

Chaplain's Corner - May 2012

Blunders Can Be Corrected and Reversed.

Can you remember when you were working on an important project and something went wrong. Did you start over or did you look for a way to use the mistake to make an improvement in your project’s plans. None of us can avoid making mistakes, and all of us have unique ways of dealing with our mistakes. We may try to deny we make mistakes or try to hide them and hope no one will notice them. We may try to correct our mistakes with the necessary changes and move forward and complete our project with God’s help.

For instance, sometimes we make the mistake of electing people, who lie, cheat, distort or destroy people who differ with their ideological plans. Gullible and uneducated people are duped into believing the lies, distortions, and destruction put forth by these deceiving and immoral people. They want to change everything and substitute their lies for the truth in order to create a world without God or His church. These people are making horrendous mistakes and great will be their fall, if not corrected.

God does not throw us away and start over. God redeems us and equips us to fight and defeat the evil ones and their growing evil control over us. This is what God did with the apostle Peter when he claimed three times that he didn’t know Jesus! Yet later, on the basis of Peter’s three declarations of love, Jesus turned Peter’s humiliating denial into a wonderful occasion of restoration. (John 21) Despite Peter’s flawed past, Jesus restored him to ministry with these words: “Feed my Sheep.”

If you have made mistakes so big that they seem irreversible, the most important modification you can implement is to reaffirm your love for Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord. Then, Jesus will turn your serious blunders into awesome wonders. Take Jesus with you into the voting booth and glorify God with your vote and God will restore our country to what He planned for it.

Chaplain (LTC) John Szilvasy, Retired

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