Monday, April 16, 2012

Beware - DFAS Scam

We received a message from the the USSOCOM J1 Directorate on a scam going around using DFAS, which if course if the Defense Financial Accounting Service. The message: "I have attached a document that is being circulated throughout Military Installations and email traffic. It is a scam trying to get money from our service members. We already have some members that have paid the money. I need everyone ' s help in getting the word out as soon as possible. As you can see from the attachment they have copied the DFAS logo as well as the Department of Defense logo on the paper so it makes it appear it's coming from DFAS. Please disseminate to all levels. Your assistance is appreciated."

Beware of all correspondance. If in doubt call your local or the nearest Retirement Services Office. The final, dead giveaway on this scam is the the e-mail address.

Copy of phony scame document below. Click to enlarge.


  1. hi..i had been in contact with a guy named Sgt. Aday Smith..he told me that he was in a military and was deployed and stationed in Nigeria for 2 years. his parents are both dead in a car accident and he is looking for a gf/fiancee. he mentioned to me that he wants to take a vacation and by doing so he needs a fiancee to request leave on his behalf and provided mail contact address at to Gen. Griffen Miller. is this one of the scam..can a fiancee apply for a leave on behalf of her military fiance? any information is highly appreciated

    1. Hi ,i also talked to a guy that he sent me the form . And he also told me the same
      He wants to leave .and needs that money .
      I guess should be a contact mail to contact and clarify these things

  2. Hi I'm talking to a guy called Scott Johnson hope hes not fake but iv paid the fee for the financial form sign it know iv sent over 800 pounds to have his money transfer in to my account please I really want to know if he's Really real or am I being scam

  3. i have been told i need to do this form and 350 $ befor my husband can come home

  4. Suun. I'm talking to about a guy called name Bernard Rowland been thought to me that I have to feeling this form and don't forget sending back before pay fee £1485. Today I get letter from address email. please can you checked who's this address come from.


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