Monday, January 23, 2012

New POW Exhibit

Billy Waugh sends: If you are in the Fayetteville, North Carolina area on 10 Feb 2012, then at 1000 hours, at the Downtown Airborne and SF Museum, a new display will open, featuring POW's of the Vietnam War.

Featured will be items belonging to Nick Rowe, as well as Kenneth Roraback, Isaac Camacho, and others whom were held captive interned during the war of Vietnam.

I have heard from Dr. Nicole Suarez, one of the Curators of this huge Museum, that a model of the Punishment Hole, where POW escapee Isaac Camacho was tossed often for not cooperating with the "Commissioner" of NVA POW Camp Bravo-20 (In the jungles of Cambodia, near the SVN/Cambodian border just north of the Tay Ninh Province village of Katum, SVN).

The years of capture and POW internment of Isaac Camacho, Kenneth Roraback, George Smith, and Claude McClure were from 1963-1965. Isaac Camacho, who had been an 12B4S (SF Heavy Weapons Man of Detachment A-21, 5th SF TDY from Fort Bragg, NC), fought his tail off, but was butt-stroked then captured by the NVA who flattened the SF Camp in the III Corps area of Vietnam, near the Parrot's Beak area of Cambodia.

Isaac Camacho and his wife Grace will be at the opening of this POW display there in Fayetteville , NC . I am certain that Isaac and Grace C. would love to see you once again, and shake the hand of each of you.

I have included a sketch of the Punishment Hole, from the web-site which coincides with the book Isaac Camacho, an American Hero, that site being a 135-page depiction describing the various book actions

Click on the photo below to see a larger, clearer image.

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