Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vietnam, 1971 - The Stand of RT Kansas

During a POW Snatch mission near Khe Sanh in early August 1971, 2000 NVA regulars surrounded a team of 6 Special Forces soldiers and 8 Montagnards. They sustained 9 KIA in this fight, six of which were Montagnards. The battle lasted 30 minutes RT Kansas killed 185 NVA.

1LT Loren Hagen earned the Army's last Medal of Honor (MOH) of the war during this action, repeatedly exposing himself to enemy fire and rallying the team in repelling NVA onslaughts. Crawling under fire to rescue team mebers trapped in a bunker LT Hagen is killed.

SGT Tony Anderson earned the Distinguished Service Crosses (DSC's) that day. SSG William Queen were directly responsible for repelling repeated NVA assaults. Staff Sergeant Oran Bingham, Sergeant Bruce Berg, Sergeant Bill Queen and Sergeant William Rimondi were all awarded the Silver Star, Berg and Bingham posthumously.

RT Kansas last stand was remarkable in the sheer numbers of NVA troops they faced. During the Alamo , Texians were faced with 16 to 1 odds; during Custer's Last Stand similar odds existed........RT Kansas faced odds of over 107 to 1.

For the whole story please go to: Last Stand of RT Kansas


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