Thursday, April 21, 2011

Det A Berlin Working on SF Museum Display

WHAT: Det-A Berlin Gathering Friday 13 May 2011

MISSION STATEMENT: Detachment (A) JFK Museum Representation

With the aid of Roxanne Merritt JFK Museum Curator, we have secured limited space to add Detachment(A) Berlin artifacts to the SF Historical displays. At present there is no mention of us and we are fading away fast. With the help of all DET(A) members, we can make this come about.

Gathering being held Friday, 13 May 2011 & Saturday 14 May 2011, checkout Sunday 15 May 2011. Last call to get the special room rate of $60.00. This rate expires this Friday.

It is not too late to send or pledge artifacts for the DET(A) museum space. You can bring them with you or send directly to the museum:

2175 Reilly Road
JFK Museum
ATTN: Roxanne Merritt
Fort Bragg , NC 28310

We will use the mission statement found on Tom Twomey’s DET(A) web site prepared by Hilmar Kullek as our focal point. Speaking of Tom, you should go to Tom’s DET(A) web site and add/update your email addresses. Web site is located at Scroll down to the SF Graphic and click.

Also, I am calling on my good friend Garry Betterton to provide the DET(A) colors, as he knows where they can be obtained. No response as of this date.

We also need artifacts from the DET(A) trophy case to be donated. Det(A) Artifacts pledged to date:

· MG Sid Shachnow (Ret): Telephone from Check Point Charlie .

· Kevin Monahan: Three plaques from the DET(A) trophy case.

· Bob Charest: DET(A) Gold Coin.

· Wayne Searcy: RS4 radio.

· Jack Fulp: Trophy from the 1st Para Red Devils Airborne, and a Det A Beer Mug.

· Harvey Cox: Donated his art business to produce an 18x18 professional replica of the condensed Mission Statement by Hilmar Kullek seen on the DET(A) web site.

· Frank Gallardo: 13” Cloak & Dagger wood statue.

· Bruno von Haas: East German Flag that flew over the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin given to Bruno by friend and Berlin Chief of Police in 1989 when the wall went down.

· Mike Linnane: Special Forces DET(A) patch.

· Larry Coleman: DVD with pictures of DET(A).

· Hilmar H. Kullek: Wooden Maneuver Display – Flintlock 1972, Beer Mug – Kampfschwimmerkompanie Eckernfoerde, Beer Mug – 1956 – 1984 CKB, Coffee Cup – from PSSE (Fuer die Sicherheit) – follow-up unit of Det (A).

Thanks to all you folks for the artifact donations to date.

Planned Attendees to Date: Howard “Zipper” Allen, Betty Amaker, Clifford Andersen, Peter Armstrong, Archie Baker, Michael Baltier, Frankie Basil, Carl Beene, John Blevins, Mark Boyatt, Steve Bright, Ron Bruce, Bob Charest, Larry Coleman, John Conrad, Terry Dahling, Duke Dewey, Mike DiRocco, Mac Dorsey, Bill Durand, Scott Fagan, Julius Farago, Bill Fishburne, Lee Fondas, Daughter Susan & family of James Forgy (In Memory Of), Jack Fulp, Tommie Gilbreath, Danny Goldman, Rick Grover, MG James Guest (Ret), Gene Hare, Jim Hargraves, Frank Heidel, Robert Helton, David Hensley, Daughter Vynessie Wilburn & Family of Gene Hill (In Memory Of), Roy Hill, Darrell Katz, Ralph Keith, Mike Kelly, Adam Klys, George Kuchen, Michael Ladue, Todd Lowder, Rick Lavoie, Marc Lewis, Jim Linck, Mike Linnane, Bill Long, Hank Luthy, Bear Martin, Harry Matthews, John McAllister, Roxanne Merritt, Bob Mitchell, Larry Niedringhaus, Ralph Ormes, Bob Picknell, Paul Piusz, Charlie Ponds, Jeff Raker, Carl Riester, Joel Schenkelberger, Wayne Searcy, MG Sidney Shachnow (Ret), Ron Sheckler, Paul Shedlock, SOCOM CSM Thomas H. Smith, Doug Snow, Jimmy Spencer, Jimmy Spoo, Larry Thornburg, Jack Tobin, Ed Townsend, Ed Trout, Arthur Tucker, Gil Turcotte, Don Valentine, Donnie Vickers, Bruno von Haas, Frank Wallace, Rick Westbrook, Jim Wilde, Sid Williams

Special Guests: Madison County, home of Pisgah National Forest Special Forces Training area, Sherriff Buddy Harwood & Chief Deputy Michael Garrison.

Host/POC: Bob Charest, (864)404-8027,

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