Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chapter Meeting Notes - 19 February 2011

Chapter IX Shirts, Coins, Hats, Blazers & Buckles, Shirts and Mugs are available and a new order of the 5.11 Polo’s arrived.

Billy Waugh’s book “Isaac Camacho, an American Hero” is still available. See website .

Rest and Relaxation (R&R) Center Fort Bliss: Chuy discussed the Army prototype R&R Center they started at FT Bliss. There are 30 AD Soldiers in the group and they need money for arts & crafts. Group meets Tuesday’s 0830-1130. Chapter voted to give $100 a month for 3 more months and that should give them enough material to meet for quite a while.

Chapter 46 Wounded Warrior Cruise – Pete is selling tickets. $2 each or 6 for $10 – The Chapter that sells the most tickets receives a free cruise and Pete hopes to win so we can use it as a prize at the next Golf Tournament, the 6th Annual John McLaughlin Memorial Golf Tournament, which Al Hobbs and Ike Camacho will Co-chair.

SF Recruiting Station at FT Bliss dedication attended by Ike and Hugo. The recruiting stattion was named the ‘SSG Joshua Mills Special Forces Recruiting Station” for the SF Soldier from El Paso who was killed in the Afghan War last year.

SFA Facility Project: The President discussed the future facility and the upcoming influx projected of SF personnel in the El Paso area. Segura-McDonald VFW Building is still up for sale and we had more discussion about making that our Team House. Committee was appointed: Pete, Jerry Campos, Tony, Gus, Dr.Alarcon, Tom, Rod, Kirk and Sam.

15th Annual Ralph Dominguez/Jerry Montoya Food Drive: Chairman Jerry Campos thanked everybody for their support including Gus who bought 70 hams for the boxes. We also appreciated the schools that Rod arranged for the can drive.

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