Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chapter Meeting Notes June 2010

Notes from the Chapter Meeting, June 19, 2010.

Jerry Rainey 3rd Annual Scholarship: August presentation as usual.

John McLaughlin 5th Annual Memorial Golf Tournament, scheduled at Fort Bliss at 0800 on 11 September.

Teamhouse: The Chapter is still looking at the old Segura-McDonald VFW (Pershing & Dyer) as a SFA Team House.

The Leon Metz Radio Show is still interested in dedicating a Saturday show to highlight Ike’s book – maybe when Billy Waugh comes to El Paso next time.

President Pete Peral arranged for two CONEXES that were donated. They are at the VFW, one for their use and one for ours.

Honorary Membership: Billy Waugh is now an honorary member of Chapter IX.

Ramon “Moose” Saiz is an Honorary Member and the outgoing VFW Commander. Chapter 9 will have him and his wife Virginia s Guests of Honor at the July meeting. Nobody has done for soldiers in the area, especially at the hospital, than Moose and Virginia.

Life Member LTC Alan Shumate, son of Walt Shumate, will be going back to Bragg after his Battalion Change of Command ceremony on 8 July at Noel Field on FT Bliss.

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