Saturday, June 19, 2010

Next 1st SFG(A) Re-Union - June 2011

Good afternoon men, Billy Waugh here.

I will pass info to you concerning the 1st SFG(A) Reunion (an each-two year event), which will take place here in the Tampa AO during the period 17 - 22 June 2011.

History: The 1st SF Group was activated in June 1957, then moved to Okinawa , as described in the attached document below. The 1st Group then furled its colors in June 1974, leaving the Korean Detachment in that Nation. The attached document of the 1st SFG(A), up to the reactivation of this Group is attached as a 37-page document, and very interesting to read.

History of this Reunion: Some years back, men of the older 1st Group decided to start up a reunion, to be conducted in various locations about the USA , each two years. The Reunion would fall on the odd-numbered years. The last reunion was conducted at El Paso , TX in 2009, with a fine attendance, and was enjoyed by the attendees.

Of course many of the members of this age group are dying are unable to travel. We are expecting about 100 of the men and their families for a total of about 200 persons, to attend the 2011 Reunion .

Tom Smith, who was a 12Bravo (old Demo Sgt) on the same team with me in 1964, and whom is not a retiree, but works in Afghanistan at the present (Jun 2010) is the Coordinator for this event coming next year. Assisting Tom Smith will be Ray Calafell and myself. The information concerning the event will be posted to you, soon, but the fact that this reunion will be held at the DoubleTree Hotel on Rocky Point, Tampa , FL is certain. The dates of this Reunion again, are between 17 - 22 Jun 2011. You men probably are aware that the SFA Convention is being held in Orlando, FL, beginning on the 23-28/29 June 2011, so there is a convenient overlap just up I-4 from Tampa.

Some events are scheduled to occur at MacDill AFB, such as the Golf Tournament (Sunday 19 June 2011). I will be talking (again) to Fred Debela, the Golf Pro at the Base, but do know we will need Golf Teams and men to participate, as the 1st SFG attendees, who play golf, are not enough in number to fill the 72-person teams of 4-persons to begin in a Shot-gun type tournament. I will be neat if some of our members, with some USD to spare, can sponsor golf teams for this event, meaning we can ask our active-duty types (SF preferably) to participate at no cost to the golfer. I will hereby be the first to offer USD for sponsorship of a Golf Team.

An Unclassified SOCOM Briefing (Monday 20 June 2011); a Memorial Service (most likely Monday 20 June 2011); a picnic at the SeaScape Beach and Restaurant (Monday 20 June 2011); a Demo HALO infil by the SOCOM Parachute Team on Monday 20 June 2011;
and visits to the Post Exchange several times, and coordinated with the Military Police and USAF Base authorities at MacDill, AFB. Note: Most of the attendees are retirees, and have full credentials for entry to the Base, and the AAFEs systems.

I am beating my head against the wall, attempting to determine how best to move these personnel around the area, and the best I have come up with so far, is to rent 14-Pax Vans, with drivers from our Chapter. I am searching for a better solution, and would surely appreciate any suggestions.

Information will be posted and more thoroughly presented at the coming Chapter LX meeting this coming month, so this note is just touching base with you lads, as we will be asking for assistance from those who have the time and desire to render such assistance.

Thanks for reading this long note, and thanks for considering the lending of a hand, to make this a fine event for older Special Forces men and their families.

Sincerely, Billy Waugh 1st Special Forces Gp. from 1961-1965.

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