Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Qunicy Massachusetts POW Memorial

Sent to Chapter Sectretary Bill Snider: Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the dedication of a stone monument for two Quincy Viet Nam Veterans.They both were POW ' s that were held in Hanoi Hilton for more then seven years. The two are Capt. Richard Stratton USN and the late Capt. Alan Brudno USAF. Mr. Stratton attended the ceremony. Mr. Brudno committed suicide a number of years ago, which was directly related to his captivity. Alan ' s brother, Tom Brudno, had only one request, and that was that the symbol of the prisoner on the MIA/POW flag on the rear of the stone, should have his head raised. This was to indicate that they were never broken. This is reflected in the attached photos I took of the stone. The stone is located in the small park next to Quincy City Hall.

from Bob Perchard